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Monday, September 5, 2011

Unlock FREE Item online :) Club Penguin :)

Many of you have heard about a FREE item a brand new Blue Red and White Crosshatched Hoodie that can be Unlocked Online in Disney Club Penguin (some call it a Purple Hoodie) BUT few Penguins know where this code comes from and neither did I before I got these answers from Club Penguin!

Saraapril: Where is this Free code from?

CP Support: In the UK, there is a TV advertisement that contains this code for players to enter online to unlock a free hoodie item for their penguin. This code is also being given away to Disney Store customers via a free Club Penguin poster.

Recently in the UK there was a advertisement that allowed certain participants to unlock a free hoodie item, or for any customer to redeem a promotional code given after making a purchase from the Disney Store.

Saraapril: Can I post about this code on my Blog?

CP Support: You are welcome to post on your blog about the UK promotion code.

Saraapril : I have Blog readers from all over the World can ALL use this code?

CP Support: Please note that this contest is open to Disney Store Customers, and to players in the UK.
You are welcome to post on your blog about the promotion code, however we encourage that you notify readers to only redeem this code should they be part of the promotion.
As previously mention the promotion code is free and only allowed for certain participants who viewed the UK TV commercial or to any customer who received a free Club Penguin poster from the Disney Store.
I can appreciate that you have blog readers are from all over the world, but as this is an UK promotion again we advise that you make your readers aware of this and encourage them to wait and see if there is a similar contest in their local area.

Saraapril: Thanks Zoe, Amanda and Jessica on Club Penguin Support for answering all my questions and clearly explaining this :) How to Unlock items Online in Club Penguin?

…You can also Unlock a Green Crosshatched Hoodie but remember that NOT ALL “Free” Codes are Free or for everyone just because they are available! Club Penguin Code Thieves!


Coolgirl670 said...

I saw it on other blogs but i waited for you to post for it in case it was free but i didnt get a poster (I went in the mall and i could maybe get one but they didnt have a Disney Store any more :( )

But when they mean UK commacial do they mean the Club Penguin commercial with what you can do on Club Penguin because if it is i saw it before.


Anonymous said...

Oops! I used the code before you made this post! Im not in the UK! I didnt know it was only for the UK!I feel bad now... ~Pups2003

baimezan said...

Hi,Saraapril!I wondered,is it unfair when my friend lives in the UK and he gave me the code,and I unlocked it?

1w34e said...

@Piglet, Thank You For Replying To My Question About How We Send The Picture To Saraapril. You're A Nice Person :D Maybe We Could Meet On Club Penguin Sometime, Reply If You Would Like To Listing The Pst Time, Server, Room And Date. From Your (Hopefully Soon To Be) Buddy 1w34e :D

Ice Cool 7 said...

I'm in the UK, and I saw no commercial about this? Did they mention a channel? I don't watch the Disney Channel lol.

Sindar Toffe said...

Oh good! I am in the UK so I am pleased I haven't done anything wrong. Thanks!


coolpatriot said...

Saraapril, I know you said it was wrong to steal but I have to admit I still did it, but I didn't even know it was only for the UK,I hope they forgive me I will never EVER do this again...

Thanks Saraapril,

Your a lifesaver!


Metrojet said...

Yay I got a a poster AND the code! I am NOT a thief! Yipiee!

Anonymous said...

Saraapril i have typed in the code for both hoodies by a blog i know. Then have read your club penguin thieves article. Thank you for writing that one you made me rethink and feel bad of what i have did. Although it's impossible to delete an item i would of delted the hoodies if i can. Thank you for your the cp thieves article again. I have learned a lot from you.

Stephen726 said...

I just seen the add on the television!

Je45rry said...

You are a very nice and helpful penguin, Saraapril! We are all proud of you! :)

koolmomo said...

i thought it was free code not a thing even the green hoodie i feel bad now

Piglet254 said...

@1w34e, Sure! Let's meet at server:Polar Bear, Date:September 7th, 2011, Room: Night Club, Time:4:30 PM PST, I Am Always On CP Everyday so tell me if this is fine. ;D -Piglet254

Bin58 said...

Saw the code at the end of the ad! Im in UK! At least its a free code!

Anonymous said...

my older counsin in the UK emailed me the codes for both hoodies too so i used it was that wrong if somebody gave it too me?

Nate said...

I do not like people stealing coin codes because that is = to a theft. I buy the books and then find them inside. It is really unfair to penguins that bought the item. I actually wanted to tell everyone. I then deleted the post once I read this post. I really feel bad now.

Pρρρooκιɛ said...

Thank you for telling us this! I had NO IDEA that they were meant for penguins in the UK and weren't for everyone!

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