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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Club Penguin Bugs and Details!

The Friends Requests I had waiting are GONE! UPDATE: Friends Requests are back again :) Detail: For a while now I have noticed that I don’t get the Friends Requests Penguins are sending me and I don’t know if that is a Bug or a new Feature as I have over 500 Friends on my List…

…Even though I have completed the Operation Blackout and Club Penguin is Safe the Screen in the EPF Training HQ is on ALERT AGAIN! BUG!

…The Operation Blackout icon doesn't work to click on anymore and…

...I got a very STRANGE Friends notification! The notification “Bubble” is GONE! UPDATE: The notification Bubble is back :)

…WARNING! Right now we have a EPF Video Blackout! Disney Club Penguin REMOVED the Video we could see at the end of Operation Blackout Chapter 6 and instead we have a Forever Loading Black Screen! DON’T blame Herbert for this as it’s as usual a BUG created due to the lack of competence among the Club Penguin Staff!! UPDATE: The Operation Blackout icon and Video Bugs are now Fixed BUT it took the CP Team around 11 HOURS to fix and that’s WAY to Long!

…Just as earlier the “Club Herbert Times” shows as Club Penguin Times in the Newspaper Archive! Club Herbert Times!

…A few days ago Club Penguin updated the Mobile Apps icon on the Help Topic page by removing the button below the screen! This is probably done to make Apple happy so it doesn't look so much like their iPhone icon! This is how the Mobile Apps icon looked like earlier :)

…Club Penguin has STILL not updated the Event Banners and they are STILL promoting the Halloween Party that is OVER and therefore I have removed both of them from my Blog!

Club Penguin Bugs!


Anonymous said...

Saraapril it says alert cause ur wearing the Herbert suit tale that off and look at the computer again :) from rajclaw

Matthewtan said...

Sara, you got the Herbert alert in the underground base wrong. The Herbert alert thing is due to your Herbert disguise costume.It's not a bug.

Niko Kohvakka said...

Dear Saraapril. At the underground hq, there is no bug. anyone who goes there with herbert costume, the computer will go red alert. :)

CDE said...

The one with the EPF screen is not a bug, it does that every time someone dressed like Herbert is in the room!

Anonymous said...

The screen is on alert because you are wearing the herbert costume.

Coobreedan said...

The 'Herbert Alert' is when someone is a Herbert disguise is in the room.

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