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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Snow Ninja items to earn for EVERYONE :)

I LOVE that ALL Penguins can play Card-Jitsu Snow during the Card-Jitsu Snow Party and earn the Snow Ninja items :) Here I am dressed in the Glacial Sandals, Ice Cap Cuffs, Coat of Frost, Icy Mask and Blizzard Helmet :) This Icy outfit is very COOL but a little Cold so therefore I’m making the Tea Pot emote…LOL :) Snow Ninja Suit ANIMATED :)

…The Snow Gem and Tusk Cloak are other Snow Ninja items you can earn during your Journey :) Snow Gem Pin and Tusk Cloak :) On this post you can see how the Snow Gem looks like on my Card-Jitsu Snow decorated Stamp Book :)

…Now I’m dressed in the Black Ice Headband, Frozen Armor and Arctic Cuffs and I wonder if Tusk would like a cup of Tea? Maybe if I give one to him he would learn that we Ninjas don’t wish him any harm…

…he might be Hungry too! WHAT? Who took the Sushi so quickly? That’s a Ninja Mystery that’s Bugging me...LOL :) Back to the Snow  Ninja Fashion Show here I’m dressed in the Black Ice Training Plates :)

…The Flurry Hair Wig, Cold Snap Sandals and Snowstorm Gi are Stylish items too :) Fortune Cookie for Tusk :)

…Look closely on my Flippers and you will see the Storm Cloud Bracers :) Storm Cloud Bracers ANIMATED :)

…Here I’m holding the Snow Shuriken :) Snow Shuriken Ninja item ANIMATED :)

…The Fire Nunchaku adds a little color to my Snow Suit :) Fire Nunchaku Ninja item ANIMATED :)

…and here I’m holding the Water Hammer :) Water Hammer Ninja item ANIMATED :)

…CONGRATS! After you have worked hard battling TOGETHER with other Ninjas to earn all these items you have become a Card-Jitsu Snow Ninja! I, Saraapril am a Snow Ninja :)

Card-Jitsu Snow Party CHEATS :)


Anonymous said...

Those items are all so cool! But are they only available during the Card Jitsu Snow Party?

hobbes lo said...

Yay I beat Tusk and got the item :Did back to training

Hotdog83 said...

Can you get the snow items when beating tusk? Also when I try to go to the battle snow minions and click yes it loads but then stays white how do you fix?

haha said...


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