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Monday, June 30, 2008

I Found Rockhopper

6.17 AM CP time I meet Rockhopper. It was in Canada server North Pole. He played Hide and seek with us but he was in a hurry and didn’t stay for long. I like it more when he takes time with us and talks to us. And we had no time for dance party this time… Next time Rockhopper stay for a dance party and talk to us please. You are so hard to find so we get sad if you don’t spend some real time with us.

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Rockhoppers gift is the same background as before. If you don’t have that one yet make sure you get it when you meet him and Remember to say Thanks to him.

Nice Penguin Party

I like to have fun in CP and so do many others but some Penguins are NOT nice. But when I was looking for Rockhopper I meet a very cool Penguin. Her name is Mmdance and she is one of the coolest Penguins in Club Penguin because she is nice! She threw a NICE PARTY I LOVE that! If you happen to meet her say Hi to her from me. click to enlarge

Be BRAVE if someone is mean don’t stand quiet say something KIND

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If you see someone be unkind just go up to them and ask them to be nice. You can make a different! Lets be COOL  lets be NICE!click to enlarge

YOU are STRONG we can stop bullies together!click to enlarge

Mmdance talked to other penguins and incurring them to have fun in Club Penguin. She is a old Penguin and she knows a lot about CP World. FUN and FRIENDLY!click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

The Party was so much FUN! TOGETHER we to enlarge

WOW! more and more GOOD Penguins come!

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Stop meany's! If someone ask you something help them and if someone talk to you be POLITE and POPULAR!click to enlargeclick to enlarge  click to enlargeclick to enlarge

I now that all I want can’t  be on my buddy list, sorry! 100 Buddies and then are list full. But ALL can be my FRIEND just send me a BE MY BUDDY card and I will be your friend. You can never have to many friends!

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This book is so GOOD!

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A Flower to all my FRIENDS! You are all GREAT! Se you soon in CLUB PENGUIN!


Friday, June 27, 2008

Where is Rockhopper?

Well he is hard to find you need lots of luck as you se he can be anywhere all servers all over Club Penguin is full.

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But keep “Rockhopping” try a Full server and collect friends together start yell ROCKHOPPER ROCKHOPPER ROCKHOPPER the bigger crowd and the more penguins asking for him the bigger chance that he will come. Rockhopper is not a computer so you can talk to him. I have meet him many times he is so nice and fun. But make sure you don’t crowed him then he leaves. He always have a gift with him that he will give to you. Her is pics from some of the times when I meet to enlarge

Rockhopper is little bigger than the rest of us that makes him easer to to enlarge

Her is Rockhopper… click to enlarge

Her you get a good look at him he always look the same and he is the only one in Club Penguin with that hatclick to enlarge

I like when he is not so crowded then you can speak to to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge 

How to find Rockhopper? Try his favorite rooms: His Ship, Beach, Dock, Town, Pizza parlor, Nightclub, Snow fort, Cove, Iceberg and Dojo. And don’t give up you will find him sooner or later…click to enlarge

Pirate style in my igloo

I let Rockhopper inspire my new igloo style so now I can have a Rockhopper Party :)click to enlarge

Pirate style

Rockhopper is back and I go fashion crazy lol. RED is the in colour right now. Penguins going crazy over pirate clothes so her are some. Enjoy!


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Go to Rockhoppers ship and step inside.In the bottom right corner you find a map click on that…

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…and you can buy clothes to (if you are a member) but the free item is for everyone. Rockhopper is always so kind to us all. And he IS A REAL PENGUIN like you and me so you can talk to him. He is so kind and he and Yarr likes to be friends with all of us. Rockhopper you are  Awesome and Great! Thanks for everything you do for us!

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Rockhoppers Key

Rockhopper is back, you find his ship at the beach. As usual he have stuff for us to buy and a free item to. If you want to do the fun treasure game you need a Key to Rockhoppers private room. Go to Book room and read his journal you find the key in the end of the book. click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge

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Don’t forget to read Rockhoppers private messages to himself 

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If you sweep over the picture frame you get different pics. It is 10 different pics for now. Try that. It is cool :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mission 8 Finely here!

A NEW mission WOW! This one was fun but you really need to think twice if you want to get everything. Some stuff is easy to miss but then you don't get the extra reword in the end...Thanks Club Penguin You are the best!

 click to enlarge

Ready to start....

click to enlarge

G will give you your to enlarge

...Herbert and to enlarge

Remember this pic?click to enlarge

This is how it looks to enlarge to enlarge

...Lots of stuff happen around Club Penguin this to enlarge

...If you try hard you will stop there foil plans to enlarge

..and you get a to enlarge

I love secret messages... click to enlarge

Thanks! This gift is cool to enlarge

...And a new medal...

click to enlarge

If you dont get it right the first time try again. YOU CAN DO IT!

Have fun ! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! to CP team I can hardly wait for  mission 9...

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