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Monday, September 29, 2008

Updates about Club Penguins GIVE-A-WAY!

Look at the sneak peek! It is the dolls! log in and take a look HERE I guess more and more dolls will be visible…:)

click to enlarge

Starting October 24, you can buy all new cute dolls or Club Penguin toys as CP says…lol…at Toys R Us, Disney Stores, and of course the Club Penguin shop online. WOW! WOW! WOW!

     The BIG GIVE-A-WAY will start at OCTOBER 3rd Don't miss it!

click to enlarge

       …right now you can download this cool posters click HERE! 

        This is so fun I will wish for a doll or two or tree or…LOL


This is what Club Penguin Support told me…

“The giveaway has not started yet, but more information will be available in the near future. Entries are not being accepted until the giveaway starts.”

The GIVE-A-WAY have NOT started yet so if you already have enter it will NOT count you have to enter again!

The Plaza is Decorated :)

The Plaza is finally decorated :) That is cool! I wonder why it was not done before but now it is!click to enlarge 

          Sunny1968 made sure I didn't have to go hungry THANKS! click to enlarge

                   Now I just waiting for more prizes to win…:)

How to jump on the Trampoline…

This Trick is awesome! And the best is EVERYONE can do it! And This is how…click to enlarge

click to enlarge

                               First click on the balloons…

                         …and then were the snowballs are…

                         …and you are on the TRAMPOLINE…click to enlarge

                                          AWESOME!…:)click to enlarge THANKS! to the COOL and KIND penguins that taught me how to do this trick! THANKS to Shell Away, Outsider100, Missy Kitten and all others that helped out…Penguins like you make our world GREAT!click to enlarge                               …THIS IS SO MUCH FUN! :)click to enlarge

…Remember to tell everyone about this trick so we all can have fun bouncing on the trampoline TOGETHER! :)

Tour of the Arcade Circle

                         Welcome to the Arcade Circle!click to enlarge

                    Here you can play new party games. click to enlarge                       

                      Battle your wits against the Puffle to enlarge

                         Test your nerves with Balloon to enlarge                         Earn and win prizes from the booth!click to enlarge

click to enlarge

           If you are a member WELCOME this place is AWESOME!

Fall Fair Fun!

I meet my friend Emperor200 at the Arcade Circle I was painted again…lolclick to enlargeKoko773 can Bounce at the trampoline it is way COOl! (I tell you later how to do that…:)ckick to enlarge                             This is a fun place to hide :)ckick to enlarge           …all this bouncing and dancing have made us thirsty... ckick to enlargey                     I LOVE CREAM SODA! ALL OF US DO…LOLckick to enlargeI LOVE the ARCADE CIRCLE! something fun always happened here… click to enlarge  …BALLONES…and my TEDDY :) I think Teddy is the BEST prize so far…what do you think? ckick to enlarge                           Bye for now I will be back soon…:)ckick to enlargeThanks! to I Likecheese for your perfect service at the pizza place ckick to enlarge  Penguin68196409 it was so nice to have pizza with you :) Thanks! ckick to enlarge lol…I am the MANAGER!…WORK! WORK! WORK! and be polite to the guests…:)ckick to enlarge  The colors at the balloons are GREAT! I LOVE them I LOVE them :)

                     Pink and purple THANKS! Club Penguin!

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Will it be possible to own a penguin toy? Maybe! This is what the sneak peek was all about? ToysRUs will sell them…or?

click to enlarge

This Rear Viking Penguins are suppose too be gift you can win but no links working right now…

            This is so cute :) And I hope for a PINK one…LOL  

Rockhopper :)

Rockhopper :)

Space Alien :)

Space Alien :)

Shadow Guy :)

Shadow Guy :)

Frankenpenguin :)

Frankenpenguin :)   Plush Rocker :)

Plush Rocker :)  Firefighter :)

Firefighter :)

Construction Worker :)

Construction Worker :) Soccer Player :)

Soccer Player :)

Bumble Bee :)

Bumble Bee :)

Pizza Chef :)

Pizza Chef :)

Barista :)

Barista :)

Plush Fairy :)

Plush Fairy :)I Wish this will happen but…11 BOYS and only ONE GIRL…Please Club Penguin…Pink and Sparkles PLEASE!!!

Click HERE for sneak peek Blog Post

New Friend and Secret New Video Meeting!

I meet my new Friend Wobler444 at Frostbite today she is cool… click to enlarge

                           this is FUN…click to enlarge

…after feeding and playing with her cute puffles we went to my igloo and had a plan meeting for my new video. Wobler444 gone help me… THANKS! Wobbler444 you are a Awesome Friend :)click to enlarge

                   Ssshh we are done but it is a secret…LOLclick to enlargeWhen Wobbler444 played some games i got myself a yummy ice cream Thanks! Drumking14 :)click to enlarge                                        SLED RACE :)click to enlarge

I gone take pics and recording for the new video during some days if you want to help out let me know :)

                                           Waddle on!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Something BIG will happen in Club Penguin! This is the Coolest sneak peak ever! Click HERE and brush away the frost to see…click to enlarge

                               What do you think it is?

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