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Saturday, November 29, 2008

New Items to Unlock Online soon

Christmas is soon here and because of that the Treasure Book will be Updated with a few seasonal items…Starting on Friday 5 December  you will be able to use the codes you have from toys to unlock different items in the Treasure Book!

click to enlarge  The items that are in the Treasure Book now will still be available plus a few more items :)

            Click Here for info about How to Unlock Items Online

The Ice Rink will return :)

Thanks Club Penguin for promising  to give us our Ice Rink back :) In mid-December the Ice Rink will be here so we can go Ice Skating again…AWESOME! I can Hardly Wait!click to enlarge                     Until then I try to Ice Skate at the Ice Berg…

click to enlarge           …I LOVE my new Ice Princess Dress and my Ice Skates :) 

Friday, November 28, 2008

Waddle around…

          Today I waddle around and meet New and Old Friends :)

 click to enlarge …If you singing up here the penguins in the ski village can here the echo…just kidding lol…My Friend 2468simpson is here too :)

click to enlarge

      …2468simpson and me dancing to the music in our iPods…

click to enlarge                          …Hi Tamgirl1 nice to meet you :)

click to enlarge

My Friend Blackdown99 too :) Rko619 Dx have brought the Bots again…

click to enlarge

             …they take up so much space…But they are HAPPY :)

click to enlarge


 click to enlarge

Luau Lvr want me to turn Green for the Environment…I Love this Planet so I did :)

click to enlarge

                         ..We go Green, Flowers, Fresh Air…

 click to enlarge

                                      …FUN in Town…

click to enlarge

                               …back on the Ski Hill :)

click to enlarge  Thanks to all that waddle around today it was so much FUN! See you all Tomorrow again :)

How to get the Silver Surfboard

If you want to Go Surfing and play Catchin Waves you can use the secret hidden Silver Surfboard…Here is how you find it…First go to Ski Village and then enter the Winter Sport Shop and open the Catalog to this page…

click to enlarge

             Click on the Penguins surfboard and it will turn to…

click to enlarge

                             …then click on the seashell…

click to enlarge

                                  …then at the starfish…

click to enlarge

                         …and you get the Silver Surfboard…

click to enlarge

               Now you can take your Silver Surfboard with you…

click to enlarge

                                           Have FUN :)

A New Snow and Sports Catalog!

                                    The Catalog is HERE!

click to enlarge

I Guessed right :) Snow shoes, Ice Skates and a Cute Ice Skating Dress :) AWESOME! I LOVE Purple :) and Pink…LOL

click to enlarge

This is a old Item that CP brings Back…Penguins at Work Rescue Squad :) I know that many Penguins will like this…

click to enlarge                      …we can still get the Silver Surf Board…

click to enlarge

…my Favorites among the sport furniture is the snow board rack and the ski rack I LOVE that they comes with different colors…right now I have Pink Skies and a Purple Snowboard :) and my SUPER Favorite is the Pommel Horse…I train gymnastic for real so it is Great to have this in CP too :)

click to enlarge …but the Penguin Stadium is still a Soccer Pitch…Were are we suppose to Ice Skate?

click to enlarge

        Please Club Penguin can we get the Ice Rink back? PLEASE?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Coins for Change Update

Coins For Change coming back December 12-22! That is GREAT news :) It is so important that we all work TOGETHER to change the World. This is the causes that we're going to be donating to this year:
*Kids who are sick
*Kids who are poor and cannot go to school
*Kids without parents or who have been hurt by warclick to enlarge
Just like last year a total of one million dollars will be donated to those causes and with our coin donations we help to decide how to split the money :) Every coin matters so even if we can only donate a little we are helping to bring BIG changes in the World! Now I will go and earn some coins! I think this is AWESOME! and I will Help out as Much I can! THANKS CLUB PENGUIN!

Read More about Coins for Change HERE and Remember to see my Video about this :)

Sensei: Where has he been?

In this weeks Newspaper we get to know more about Sensei :) and he tells us some secrets too…read this GREAT Article :)

click to enlarge

WARNING Secret Revealed: Classified Ninja Hideout!

                                      The Second File…

click to enlarge                                       Ninja Hideout…

click to enlarge                                     I LOVE this files :)

WARNING: Secret Revealed! Classified How to Catch MULLET

                         Here is the first classified file…click to enlarge                                 How to Catch MULLET…click to enlarge

I like this Files you will find all of them under my Labels on the right side of the Blog…click on Secret Revealed: Classified :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ninja Belt Legend

Club Penguin have add a tip for us: To earn Belts more quickly. Talk to Sensei and select “Competition Mode”.

click to enlarge

I think many Penguins have missed this and played the jitsu-card Game only on the TRAINING MATS! Thanks CP for making this more clear :)

Snow and Sport Catalog Update

A new Snow and Sports catalog coming on Friday :) Cool it was a long time sense we got a update on sports items…here is a Sneak Peek…click to enlarge

I guess this is snow shoes and Ice skates…and I think that the blue thing is a beautiful Ice Princess dress :) What do you think? You will find this Catalog in the Sport Shop so see you there on Friday :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sweet and Me on secret investigation…

Herbert and Klutzy have been very quiet for a while…that is strange… Nobody have seen or heard anything from them since the Storm…What are they up too? Gary phoned me and asked if I could cheek out the courtyard and Flying Flippers Emporium…the secret Ninja Room :) It is time for Secret Agent work again :) Sweet come with me and she found some mysterious tracks…They leads up the hill…

click to enlarge…some of the tracks are from Puffles!! We guarding the Puffles so well…Have Herbert found a way to put his plan to work anyway? I hurry to report to G at the HQ…Thanks for the information Gary said I will send some Agents to check this up…can you continue your mission? Sure, talk to you later G…

click to enlarge             …I wonder if I can learn how to read this some day…

click to enlarge

…me and Sweet looking everywhere in the Ninja Room but nothing is suspicious in here…Sweet is Great at Jitsu-Card Game and she teaching me some cool tricks :)

click to enlarge

                           Sweet Loves this Puffle House :)

click to enlarge

                         …I hope this tree will bloom soon…

click to enlarge                                   …I am a wise Puffle…

click to enlarge


click to enlarge

   …Me and Sweet went to the HQ to meet G and report that all is well in Secret Ninja Room…Thanks for your help I will contact you soon again…Okay G I will be ready and happy to do my duty as a Secret Agent for PSA…but now I am hungry and need a Pizza see you at Pizza Parlor soon :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Unlock Items Online Contest Winner Video!

                        Again CONGRATULATIONS Femelaping!


                                    Read More HERE

Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force DS Game is HERE!

The EPF Game is HERE! Me and my Brother still don't have a DS so we have to wait a little longer before we can play to enlarge

BillyBob tells us:

Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force DS is finished and will officially be available on Tuesday, Nov 25! 

The Elite Penguin Force DS will come with a code that you'll be able to use to unlock things online in Club Penguin, and using a WiFi connection you'll also be able to upload coins you earn on your DS to your online account.

The game will be available at North American stores including:

  • Toys'R'Us 
  • Wal-Mart
  • Target
  • Best Buy
  • GameStop
  • Amazon 
  • Club Penguin Online Store

Sometime in 2009 it will also be available in some European territories…when I have specific dates I'll let you know.

Read More about this HERE

EPF Mysterious Wardrobe in HQ!

Have you noticed the new Wardrobe in HQ? It belongs to the Special Agents EPF Elite Penguins Force to play this you need the DS Game…

                   Click HERE to read more about the DS Game

Tips for Card Jitsu-Game

Here are me and Stago playing…Look at the orange arrows…That means that one of us, this time me using a Power Card and next hand we play the LOWEST number will win if it comes to numbers :)

click to enlarge

          …so when you see this pick a LOW number next time :)

click to enlarge…Read the instructions that Sensei gives to start to learn the game…

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fabulous FUN in Fairy Fables Land

            Pingytang6, Tati1573 and me having Fun in Fairy land :)

click to enlarge                     Please Lulubo make the book to a flower…

click to enlargeSchool Wool…LOL…Candy and ice cream…Thanks! Ang Sports and Vanila224

click to enlarge

It is so fun to pick mushrooms…I wonder if they are safe to eat?

click to enlarge       Mrwhistler singing so beautiful and Peppyfuzz is a PRINCE :)

click to enlarge

                                 I LOVE to sit in the sun :)

click to enlarge This is so cool…if you brush by the book or click on it the pages turns and SPARKLES FLYING AROUND…I LOVE THIS :) I LOVE…I LOVE…I LOVE!click to enlarge

           Fishing trip…we had so much Fun and laughed so Much… click to enlarge

I am a Prince now…Prince Redhood…and I am in the enchanting Forest to pick Flowers to a Princess named Grumpunzel…I hope she likes Flowers…I KNOW she don't likes croissants…LOL

click to enlarge

                             Hi Unicorn can I fly with you?…

click to enlarge

                                        I have an Idea…

click to enlarge

                          …looking for Tinker Bell…Not here…

click to enlarge

                        …but HERE…Chillie found here house :)

click to enlarge

                          …Offf…I get a horse on my head…LOL

click to enlarge

       …Ohhh…Thanks!…I am happy to fly to the rainbow with you…

click to enlarge         Twee is so Fun and here you find all the story's in the world…

click to enlarge

                                I LOVE La-la-Land…LOL

 click to enlarge

Me and my Friends have a Fantastic Enchanting Super special Fabulous FUN Time here in the Fairy Fables at The Stage :) THANKS! Club Penguin Team! I LOVE YOU!click to enlarge

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