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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The day my puffles went on an adventure.

Here is my stories let me now what you think about it.

click to enlargeIt was early Saturday morning, the sun shine and the air was crisp and clean. The snow sparkled in the sunshine. I was busy to take care of my vegetables in the garden. The tomatoes looked so good and the carrots and the corn grew so well. My yellow water cans were filled with lovely fragrant flowers. When I was done and went back into the igloo I discovered that I have forgotten to shut the front door when I went out and now all my puffles were gone. I rushed out and called for them. Sunshine, Gosig, Speed, Chillie, Purple, Bluberryclick to enlarge, Sweet! But no, no puffle came bouncing to me. They were all gone.  I grabbed my jacket and put on my boots then I hurried away to find them. I love my puffles so much but all penguins know that puffles are not allowed in CP town without a leash. They can be captured by puffle collectors and sold to someone else so I started to search for them but where to start? I hurried to the dock where a lot of penguins were busy with the hydro-hopper. They seem to have something really fun going on but I had no time to stay and watch. click to enlarge

I continued to the beach and there I met my friends Obilia and Viltord. I asked them for help and they told me they had seen a yellow puffle in the lighthouse.

Inside the lighthouse I found Sunshine. She was so busy with painting pictures of the Club Penguin band that happened to rehearse for a concert.  When she saw me she started to sing click to enlargeof happiness and we both started to sing together with the band. All penguins around the lighthouse heard the music and a big crowed came in and we all sang and danced to the band together. After a while Sunshine and I said bye and started to look for the other puffles.

At the snow fort my green puffle Gosig had the best time. He flew around and threw snowballs at all penguins. Gosig laughed at me and threw a huge snowball at my head. I was so surprised so I lost my balance and fell down right into a huge snow pile. Of course I laughed and started to throw snowballs too. We had so much fun. It was a great snow fight. After a while we all got cold and thirsty and we went to the coffee shop for tea and croutons. The coffee shop was crowded and the kind penguin that handed us the warm steaming tea said we could take it up to the bookroom to drink.

We did so and there sitting on a cushion and reading a book was  Blueberry my blue puffle. It was so nice to see him and we all drank the tea and read stories together. When we were warm again we headed to the mine because I know Speed likes cart surfing and I guess we could find him there.

Yes, there he was! So happy and so balanced at the cart surf. We all went inside a cart and surfed together, it was a blast. In the last curve I felt over and lost a shoe. Speed looked sad but I told him that losing a shoe is nothing to be sad about because you can get another one at the gift shop.

  It was empty at the gift shop so I quickly got assistance. And wasn’t that Purple? My puffle was busy in the back of the room. Yes said the manager she has helped out the whole day. We have a secret party to prepare and she has been so helpful to us. I was so glad to find her and my new bought brown boots was worm and nice. Well, five of seven puffles were found, but where was the last two?

Maybe the cove? No, no puffles. A lot of penguins were swimming, surfing and having fun but no puffle. I sat down to think. click to enlarge Then I picked up the binoculars and looked out over the ocean and there, at the hydro-hopper she was, Sweet my pink puffle jumping up and down after the boat. Oh, so much fun she had! We waved to her and she jumped into the water and swam to us.  We were all jumping up and down and hug each other and did a happy running. Eight penguins were sitting around the fire and roasting marshmallows and they invited us to join them and we were so happy and said yes to do that. The marshmallows tasted great.

But where was Chillie. We searched the forest. No Chillie. We searched the stage. No Chillie. We looked in the puffle shop just in case she was captured and for sale. But no, no Chillie. Tired and hungry we went to the pizza parlor and there she was! Helping out to serving pizza. Oh, so happy we were to see her. We all laughed and did a happy run together. Now we all were together again and I ordered a big seaweed pizza to take to enlarge

On the way home we invited all penguins we met to our igloo. Everyone put their friendship bracelet on and we had a huge party to celebrate the day’s adventure.

We all danced, did happy running, eat melon, corn, tomatoes and pizza, played hide and seek and then we did more happy running because we had such a great adventure today.

And now we were so happy to be together at home again. Together with all our friends so we had to do just one more happy running… and then one more happy running… and then one more…

Read a book

Over the coffee shop you find the library I like to be there and play mancala with my friends or read a book. Just some days ago we get a brand new book don`t miss to read the stories they are very good. It was a contest about the best stories and the tree winners end up in the book congratulations to The winners. You can se their names here. click to enlage

Here is the book you looking for.

click to enlage 

You can find many interesting things in here some off the books have hidden money or other surprises...dont miss them.

 click to enlage Me relaxing in my favourite place.

click to enlage

I wrote a stories too I didn`t  won but I had so much fun when I wrote it I will post it here later.

Were comes the red helmet from?

Many Penguins have asked about the red helmet and I have tried to tell.The red helmet is a Thank-you gift from CPIP for work some penguins have done in the test servers.

click to enlarge

What is CPIP? It is short for Club Penguin Improvement Project if you want to now more go to

During the test we had so much fun, one off the best surprises was the special April Fools Party CPIP had for us. All Penguins turned to Green Puffles and then we was able to fly. It was Hilarious. Here is a pic from that party in March. I hope club penguin do that in the real servers next to enlarge

You can se me flying around next to Juicebox 17. On the ground I have left my Puffle Gosig and my clothes. They continue dancing when I was flying around. We all laugh so hard.

Relaxing in my Igloo

This is me and my friend Icy 139 we had have so much fun running around in cp world so we needed to rest a little. So we took a fishing break in my igloo I laugh so much when Icy sat down in my pond and the fish jumping around him, my igloo is still decorated for the anniversary party I true for my parents a couple days ago, it was fun.

click to enlarge

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