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Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Medieval Party

On Friday June 13 the big Summer Kick Off party are here. Don`t miss it! It will be so awesome I can hardly waite for it to start. Until then I show you some pics from the latest party, it was so much off everything so I spend a lot off time in cp during that party. It was the best ever! It will be hard to top that but I am sure they will try.

We did so much stuff during the party here we have Tea. Horsekid98 was so kind and invited and served me drinks. Thanks! You are so for enlarge

Lol  I am a Dragon! The Treasure is safe white me. Can you se what I se? ..........forgot his for enlarge OOHHH this was fun we are hard for enlarge

We did allot of juwelery for enlarge

All Penguins get a gift. Thankyou club penguin I now allot off nonmembers was happy to get cloth and I liked it to. So for enlarge We could all be what we wanted and now I try How it is to be for enlarge

And now I am reddy to meet the big for enlarge

I help for enlarge

Lot of Penguins was around. click for enlarge

The Princess castle was wonderful. click for enlarge

Here we could play pretty pretty princess and it was so cute just as a castle are suppose to for enlarge

Inside water, coloured glass windows, Here I am for enlarge

One off my favourites was the tree house here are me and a friend sitting and singing.  click for enlarge

I think anyone can be King, Queen, Prince, or Princess. You dont` need to have a crown or a fancy dress just a kind heart and a nice spirit and you will take care of the people in a good and fair way. That make you for enlarge 

I got so many new friends and it was so fun to do stuff together. Some penguins like me love to dance and sing so we started a mini party to dance and sing together both old and new for enlarge

Having fun together is always a for enlarge

Back in my beloved tree house again, we sang and dance up there for hours. Sometimes we just sat still and listen to the birds sing and the wind blowing thru the leaves you can se a puffle hiding in the tree to. I think they like to come up here like me to rest little and to see the amazing for enlarge

Dance party going for enlarge

This is my Igloo decorated for the big contest I did not win but a big CONGRATULATION to the winners. I like to decorate my igloo in different ways. click for enlarge

This is my good friend Viltords igloo she and obilia is some off my best friends we always having so much fun together. I think this igloo is awesome decorated. This igloo is a club penguin secret it is hidden in the igloo catalogue don`t forget to look for it you will find it if you can`t find it I will tell you just ask, ok?click for enlarge

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