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Friday, June 6, 2008

Party Decorating

Club Penguin always give out stuff so we can decorate our igloos. I am a hard worker and earns lot of coins so I can bye lot off nice things to my igloo. I was so happy over my new cloth so I just had to start the Water Party early I had lots of fun decorating. 

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Now I just have to wait a week for the party to start. Oohhhh it is so hard to wait but I think I will try to have so much fun as possible in cp world then the time will go fast. lol

New clothing catalogue

A new clothing catalogue is here. You can try the clothes on a penguin AWSOME!! Just hold your arrow over buy. I really like this. What do you think?

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You can do the same to the colours. Wow this is fun! I spend extra time in the Gift Shop and tried to enlargeclick to enlarge   click to enlargeclick to enlarge

What is your favourite colour? 

What is pin?

Were is the pin? Lots off penguin running around all over the place and asking Were is the pin? Were is the pin? And we kind penguins always help them find it. A pin is a little item that is rare. You never find the same pin twice. Every second week club penguin hides one and we will find it. It is so much fun me and my friends try to find it together.

Here is some of my Pins the butterfly is my first one I sometimes have it on my player card so you now how old my penguin to enlarge The ice cream is the latest one you can find it in......The first one ever is the clover pin, if you find that on a penguins player card you have find a really old penguin. Ask them something they now allot of cp secrets.

click to enlargeIn the book room you find yearbooks. If you want to find club penguins secrets scroll over page.  If your arrow turns to a hand click there and you will find a surprise. I love this so much all this hidden stuff all around club penguin. What is your favourite pin? What pin do you think club penguin should hide next?

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