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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Swim Party at cove

Oh I so want the Water Party to start. Today it was a big Party at cove. Lots off penguins swimming around and having fun we tried different  swim suits on and laugh and laugh it was a blast. Lots of good penguins helped out so we was safe in the water. Thanks!click to enlarge

Tic Tac Boo was one of the life guards she did a so good work :) click to enlarge

Blackpth saved me too she was so nice and kind and she didn't let anyone drown.Thanks! Tanner888 was a fun squid and Jonnycosta8 helped with the coves bonfire he was a good and helpful dragon Thanks!click to enlarge

Blackpth  told me to swim safe then I can have more to enlargeclick to enlarge




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