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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bean Counters Tips Tricks and Cheats

In coffee shop you find the game bean counters. I got lots of my coins from there, if I play it smart I can earn extra. Go to coffee shop and go to the bean bag JAVA. Click yes and learn how to play. Here is the secret cheat: Try to count the bean bags! You can put four extra bags in the four first piles. Truck 1 have 20 bags but if you pile 19 and then have 5 in your arms before you thru the last one you get 24. Do the same to the other levels and you earn lots of extra coins. Level 2 have 30 bags. level 3 have 40 bags. Level 4 has 50 bags. Pretty smart!click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlarge

UPDATE: Secret CANDY levels in Bean Counters GAME :)

What about the flowerpots?

This rare item comes from Rockhopper. We had repaired his ship and this was somthing he had for us to bye. Hmmm a pot of dirt?click to enlarge Well I  love flowers so I bought lots of them just in case.... click to enlarge

For a long time nothing happened then something started to grow...


...and grow...


...and grow...


We was so curious what kind of flower is this? What colour will they have?  

...and waiting....


FINERLY! They are so beautiful and I love my flower garden! They are PINK! Soft Pink! Exactly what I hoped and dreamed Ohhh Thanks club Penguin you are the BEST! click to enlarge

Igloo style and Penguin Time

Now we have got a clock with Penguin Standard Time. Thanks CP I love that! This is great! Now we can keep track of the time if we want to meet someone in cp world. They have started to Featured igloos to this is the first one. Congratulations to KIOTHO you have a great igloo I like the swimming pool very much I think it looks like the perfect to enlarge

Here is some of my igloo decorations I like to decorate and redecorate lol. Me and my friends often hanging out in my igloo and sometimes I like to play alone with my puffles. I love my to enlarge 

We always have funclick to enlarge

Dance Partyclick to enlarge

Snowball fight that was really fun lolclick to enlarge

Sometimes it is nice to sit down and to enlarge


This is from my "Welcome to our family Party" me and my Puffles had decorated so the newest member of our family the yellow Puffle Sunshine will feel welcome. She is very artistic and she is wonderful to have in our to enlarge

Summer is wonderfulclick to enlarge

Mexico Party that was a blast we had so much to enlarge

LOL I like snow here have I and Obilia built  snowman it was to enlarge

Under the to enlarge

This was a cool igloo Blub Blub Blub to enlarge

Hanging around in my snowglobe I like the text "Snow Place Like Home" to enlarge

Flowers growing in my garden to enlarge

Ohhhh this was one of the best days in club penguin ever we got garden stuff! look at my vegetables isn't they great? The flowerpots from Rockhopper have started to grow to enlarge

Medieval iglooclick to enlarge

This is a special Party for my Parents they had anniversary. They have been married FOREVER to enlarge

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