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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Queen in Club Penguin

The Medieval party was awesome and some penguins still play King, Queen, Dragon, Prince, Princess and all other characters. It is so cool!

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I meet Teresasea and she is right now Queen in Club Penguin she does a very important work and try's to help other penguins if they are sad.

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Queen Teresasea try's  to make them happy again.

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And I was so Happy to meet her. If you see her Please say Hi Queen Tereasea.


I really like that you can play in cp world and use your imagination  here we play hide and seek. I think I hide very good can you find me?

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I played  a princess dragon that could protect the queen and I hade a cave to live in under the balloons...Roseler1, Teresasea and I had so much fun. LOL

Happy Happy Girl

This is my first video! It was so much fun to do. But lots of hard work.  I had some help to fix everything LOTS of help lol but now I know how to do. I like to learn new stuff. Let me now what you think about it.

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