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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Secret message Decoded

Ok her is the secret message now:
Attentions agents
Now more than ever we need well trained agents on alert
Your assignment until further notice is help train new agents coach them on keeping clud penguin safe and helping other penguins
Be ready for anything I know we can count on you
This is so exciting this will be so much fun. Here is a sneak peek from the new to enlarge
It sure look awesome I can  see the lighthouse.....
And I was faster than Mimo777 lol :)

Secret Message from PSA

In the latest news paper you find this hidden message for us agents. Click on the word secret and....

click to enlarge get this message: Attention Agents...

click to enlarge

...Naaahhh try for yourself  first. It is more fun :)....

click to enlarge

I know the secret :) Do you? Take out your spy phone and start translate The message is worth the work..This is AWSOME! Now we are ready

click to enlarge

Ok Ok I put out the message later...Mabye lol

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