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Thursday, June 19, 2008

PARTY Pearlwhite27

My Buddy Pearlwhite27 invite to a party we had so much fun she never showed up something must get in her way but Thanks for the party it was so fun I missed you!

Swim Swim Swim! lol

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

I add Sparkforever to my buddy list but it didn't worked.sob sob..

Club Penguin still have the buddy list problem to time I meet Sparkforever I hope it to enlarge

...and I meet Brownie88521 he was fun sorry I missed to add you

Hope to see you soon so we can be Buddiesclick to enlarge

and a big Thanks to all the other penguins on the party. You all was cool and awesome! Hope to see you again soon.

Secret message in newspaper and cream soda

LOOK a NEW secret message!

In Red you can read....ok I tell: Attention

click to enlarge

Can you read this?

click to enlarge

Here is the translation:To unlock this file turn all Puffles red.

Click on puffles so they turn red lolclick to enlarge

Hmmm to enlarge

I like the way the message get destroyed... click to enlarge

....Poff!click to enlarge

A New secret mission wow! wow!.. here is a pic from the new mission...cream soda yummmm...I wonder what it will be about? Something connected to Rockhopper? He always bring us cream soda when he comes on the migrator....This will be so much to enlarge

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