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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mission 8 Finely here!

A NEW mission WOW! This one was fun but you really need to think twice if you want to get everything. Some stuff is easy to miss but then you don't get the extra reword in the end...Thanks Club Penguin You are the best!

 click to enlarge

Ready to start....

click to enlarge

G will give you your to enlarge

...Herbert and to enlarge

Remember this pic?click to enlarge

This is how it looks to enlarge to enlarge

...Lots of stuff happen around Club Penguin this to enlarge

...If you try hard you will stop there foil plans to enlarge

..and you get a to enlarge

I love secret messages... click to enlarge

Thanks! This gift is cool to enlarge

...And a new medal...

click to enlarge

If you dont get it right the first time try again. YOU CAN DO IT!

Have fun ! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! to CP team I can hardly wait for  mission 9...

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