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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Features soon

CPIP is working hard for us. This is what they do right now besides squashing bugs…

We will get a mail service so we can save mail we get from friends! GREAT! I can hardly wait for that…

A beautiful place to have your igloo. This is so calming and nice  I love to live in the forest lol. This look AWSOME!

click to enlarge

A way to find your friends easier… this is how it can look… 

 click to enlarge

This is how it looks now…and they will keep this to so we still can go to any server we want…

click to enlarge

How to organize all your stuff? This is how it might will look in the future..

Do you have any ideas or thoughts about this? Please Go to CPIP and let them know they love to get your opinion on this

Thanks to CPIP for everything you do for us and a BIG THANKS for that you always listen to us penguins. You are Great!

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