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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Story about:The secret Agent Test

It was a early morning and I was in the forest when a strange thing happened to me an ORANGE Puffle come jumping up to me with a paper in his mouth.  I took the paper and the puffle jumped back in the forest. On the paper I read COME TO MINE. G. I hurried to the mine but it was empty. I looked around and under a rock I found a new paper. On that I read: I have kidnapped G to get him back solve this problem, where on the island can you find black and white, purple and pink, orange and yellow, brown and red? Go there. H.                                                                                            

I thought about it and then I had an idea. I hurried to the Gift Shop and there was G.

Congratulations Agent Saraapril you found me! said G.

I was so happy he was ok and he told me that this was a new Agent Test. But how did you find me so quick? asked G. Oh that was easy I answered I have outfits in all colors…

The End

How to remove the Attic Floor

Here is how you remove the attic floor grab the floor and slide it away: Left to Right, Right to Left, Down to Up and Up to Down…You have to work fast but you can do it…click on coin…

click to enlarge

…you can get 800 coins here…WOW…

click to enlarge

And the Penguin that helped me is Littletias. Thanks for your help!

You are a Great Penguin! And brother too…LOL Thanks!

click to enlarge

Burnt Out Bulbs

Paint by Letters Game in Club Penguin :)

Music Game on Friday and…

We will get the new game on Friday Wohooo…click to enlarge

I like the upgrade on this pic…Now it is easier to find the igloo I want to go to…Thanks!click to enlarge

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