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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How to get The Penguin Band Background

A lots of penguins looking for the background here is how you get it…click to enlarge

1. The Penguin band must be on a break so check that first… click to enlarge

2. Go to Dock and go backstage…Remember this is ONLY for members…click to enlarge

3. Here you can meet the band! You can talk to them just like you can do to Rockhopper. This is AWESOME! But remember they go to ALL servers so you have to wait for them or start “server hopping”click to enlarge

4. Find them and click on their player card to get the background… click to enlarge

5. Thank them and tell them they are GREAT!


I meet Egge50 today, sorry I couldn't add you my Buddy List is over full…You are my friend anyway :)

click to enlarge

Thanks to the buddy glitch earlier this happened and cp let us keep the extra friends! That is cool but now it is hard to add I have to delete the 20 extra first…

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