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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How to pass through the Corals and Seaweed in Aqua Grabber

To pass the coral you have to pick up the barrels and you must do it in right order. When you have take up one barrel the coral in the openings off the next cave you are suppose to enter will move when you try to go through and you can pick up that barrel and so to enlarge

This is the right order: go down and you soon see the first one…click to enlarge …the second one is to the right at the bottom…click to enlarge …the third is to the right…click to enlarge
…the fourth is at the right too but lower in the cave…click to enlarge

…the last one is to the left…click to enlarge

…now it is time to catch the worm… :)

How to play Aqua Grabber Game in Club Penguin :)

How to get the Pearl from the Clam in Aqua Grabber

Go down to the bottom of the cave and to the right, pick up the round to enlarge Take the stone to the clam in the left bottom cave and drop it in the clams mouth. Then you can take the to enlarge

How to play Aqua Grabber Game in Club Penguin :)

How to catch Mullet in Aqua Grabber

First take all the barrels… then go to the left cave and bump your grabber in the roof and down a worm will fall…click to enlarge

…grab the worm…click to enlarge  …and feed it to the yellow fish…  click to enlarge  …feed the yellow fish to Mullet…and take Mullet up to the net for extra coins…Mullet is strong so you have to be a good Aqua driver…click to enlarge   … go to the cave and grab the treasure before the crab gets it…click to enlarge  …now you can do the rest of the game…

How to play Aqua Grabber Game in Club Penguin :)

The New AQUA GRABBER is Here!

FINELY! The Grabber have so much fun updates and the speed is much quicker than before that is cool! If the games go to fast you can slow it down. I like that! You chose what game you want to play on the map and both have several levels and you can switch between them and replay your favorite levels :) This feature make the game more fun :)click to enlarge click to enlarge Clam Waters is the old game but with fun updates…click to enlarge …make sure you disturb the monster clam it is hilarious…click to enlarge is a trick to get the pearl…I don’t tell right now I don’t want to ruin the game for you…here is a hint: you have to give something to get the pearl…lol. I love the sound of the clam lolclick to enlarge Soda seas is the new level and here you have to clear the water from a soda spill…click to enlarge …You have to pick the barrels in right order…and you will see the water gets clearer and clearer…click to enlarge …lots of fun effects sparkles and monsters…and you can earn a lot of coins... Thanks Club Penguin Team this Game is GREAT! I really hope you will make one more level. PLEASE?

How to play Aqua Grabber Game in Club Penguin :)

Music Party Fun!

This Party was Awesome! Here is me and my friend Sparkforever playing together with the Penguin Band they are Great so we gave them Hearts!click to enlarge

My New Good Friend Hilaryd1998 and I started a background band…

click to enlarge

…GIRL TALK… soon we got more members… Halloweenday is a great dancer…

click to enlarge

We had so much fun and laugh and laugh…LOL :) click to enlarge 

..we are ALL good friends and THANKS! too ALL in the group you are awesome! Pearl Shine, Cherries 013, Pingy Knight, Igloo123, Halloweenday, Hilaryd1998, Swiftbag, S13j21, Gututyutew and all others that danced and sang together THANKS! Waddle on hope to meet you all soon again!click to enlarge

We going Pink and Girly LOL

 click to enlarge

click to enlarge

After all fun dancing and singing my voice was gone…so I took a break in the V.I.P. Room…

click to enlarge

…Chazz 523 the nicest penguin I have meet in a long time come and helped me THANKS!click to enlarge

Chazz 523 you are GREAT! Thanks to you I can sing again! You saved my concert! click to enlarge

I Hope to meet the Penguin Band again…click to enlarge

…and I am not the only one…LOLclick to enlarge

LOL we playing maracas…click to enlarge 

This was so cool we had a guitar party in the sofa and waited for The Penguin Band…It was a blast!click to enlarge

Cp Helper 19 did a cool stunt standing on the nightclub roof…we had a fun dance party… click to enlarge click to enlarge 

Me and the Band playing together LOL…click to enlarge

Lots of penguins looking for the background…click to enlarge

Pizza Place looks good and we had so much fun playing together Mangadude12 was the lead singer, Granovich on maracas, Flakoman 2 on guitar and me on Drums. The Manager of Pizza Parlor  was so happy with us so we get paid!… LOL A BIG Thanks! to the guys in the band you all Rock! Se you on another stage to enlarge

…waiting for the band Party!click to enlarge

…this is crazy…LOLclick to enlarge

…so crazy…LOL…The room is so packed so the server can not show talk anymore…click to enlarge

My Favorite Pink Stage! Thanks to Zara Tulip and Solaris704 you are Great tuba players :) click to enlarge

This was so much fun we had a full orcastraw LOLclick to enlarge

Teddy Wayne and Alien Gh3 you are awesome drummers. Thanks for all fun!click to enlarge

My Good Friend Gaby99rg and me made a video…click to enlarge

…and then the Puffles needed some food and care. They are so cute I love to take care of them. I Wonder if some new will be discovered soon I really hope so maybe a Music Puffle?click to enlarge

…we took a break from the Party and played Mancala. I really like that game, it is hard to play but fun to learn, I need more practice :) click to enlarge

A new pin is hidden. I love to look for them they are unique and that is so cool! This time the Keeper keep it LOL. (Read the book Truth or dare in book room for more info about the green Puffle.)click to enlarge

                            ROCKHOPPER IS COMMING :)click to enlarge

Dance and sing! This is a cool stage. I love all the different music on the different stages…click to enlarge

The stage is mine! :)click to enlarge

The Penguin Band is on a break and they missed to turn of the electrical. Something got overheated and a fire started at the aqua grabber…A lot of penguins me included run to the rescue and we could save the grabber just in time…lol it was so much fun! Thanks to ALL firefighter penguins on the Island you are always there when you needed.WE ARE A GOOD TEAM!click to enlarge

The Band is Back! Lilza 101 and me are dancers now…click to enlarge

I was Waddle around when Sir Elbood asked if I want to join his band. Of course I wanted! Jazkil135 was amazing on the Drums, Sir Elbood played the guitar and I the fiddle. We sounded great! Thanks for the fun my friends :)click to enlarge

I Love the small cute pink stage :) I will miss it after the party is over…

  click to enlarge

…we had a lot of fires the last days of the party but the brave fire brigade took care of the problem…click to enlarge

…we firefighters will always help out…LOLclick to enlarge

The Party was AWESOME! Me and my Friends had so much FUN! Thanks Club Penguin! Thanks for everything you do for us! THANKS!

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