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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pjurtle and a Sporty Igloo Look

Today I redecorate my Igloo :) So now I am prepared for the BIG Sport party on Friday! My Friend Pjurtle suggested a race… WOW! That penguin can run fast! :)click to enlarge

We open up my igloo and invited more penguins to race….PaigeWilson 1 and Ddaviddis are both great runners :)click to enlarge

This was so much fun :) I think we gone have a lot of races so we are well trained before the party on Friday…:) If you want to race me just find me in North Pole…


Congratulations to Pjturtle You are a Good and fun Friend! I hope to race you again soon…:)

Why so Unfriendly?

This is something I have think about for a time now. Why this skull?click to enlarge 

When I waiting for someone to play with I assume it will be a friend new or old not a enemy. This skull makes me sad because I think we all play club penguin to have fun together. It is a very un cool skull and CP have take the skull of the emotion icons so why keep it here?


I have told club penguin about this and I hope they soon will fix it. Can write to them too? Please do! Lets all be friends in Club Penguin!

                                        KIND IS COOL!

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