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Friday, August 22, 2008

How to light the lights at sport Party Marathon

It is Tricky to light some off the lights make sure you stay on track and STOP in front off the lights and wait a second or two…If it don’t work go back and try again…click to enlarge

I Win the Medal!

It works but this is hard…You have to make sure to light ALL lights. They are not easy to light just don’t give up try and try again…

click to enlarge click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge 

 click to enlarge

It can help to go to a less crowded server so you can see the lights…


The Sports Party is HERE!

click to enlarge

If you click at the Medal in the Right upper corner you can start the games…:) You have to start BEHIND the start line and wait for a GO! Light the lights on the way…Right now CP have a problem and all the light don’t work…I hope They fix that soon…click to enlarge

This is only for MEMBERS Cool!click to enlarge

Don’t forget to pick up the face paint! Red in Coffee Shop and Blue in Pizza Parlor…

Now I will have fun on the Party…See you in Club Penguin North Pole :)

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