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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Aunt Arctic Party

I meet new Friends today Teron 10 started a cool Aunt Arctic party…

click to enlarge much is going on today look at the ninja…lolclick to enlarge

…Baby Blue 5 and Hitchen 123 join in at the party it was fun lol…click to enlarge

…I love the bonfire at the top of the mountain my friend Bubbleblow91 was there too ;) It is fun to race at the sled slopes :) click to enlarge

…me Cutecupid and Teron 10 resting at the mountain chatting and enjoying the races…lolclick to enlarge

We had a lot of fun today my new friends are Cool! Se you all in Club Penguin and on YouTube soon…Waddle on :)

Soccer Game

We play soccer and having fun…click to enlarge 

…lol and the football was stuck…it took little time to get it down but it was fun lol…

click to enlarge

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