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Friday, August 29, 2008

Arrow keys doesn’t work in Aqua Grabber

The problems with Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 continues. I find that sometimes the arrow keys stops working when I play Aqua Grabber. Sometimes the left key and right key does not work neither do the up key or down key. It must be because of IE8 Beta 2.
click to enlarge

Here I try to move to the left using the left arrow key but it just goes to the right…
click to enlarge …the keys stops to work and sometimes the keys get stuck…I got the same problem in Sled Race and Jet Pack Adventure…

UPDATE: Now there is a SOLUTION to this Problem :) How to get Club Penguin Games work in Internet Explorer 8.0 :)

Furniture missing from Storage and Igloo Thanks to IE8 B2!

I bought 5 of the coffee table so I hade 7 of them all together…The 5 disappeared when I logged off and I lost them! My hard earned coins wasted and on top of that I have lost around 3000 coins!…

…another thing the furniture in the Igloo don’t stay they go back to the storage box…









                                                            I really hope that CP Bug Team, Adobe or Microsoft fix all this mess FAST!…

You can find the workaround for this problem here.

Login image is not working correct in IE8 Beta 2!

Another problem I found in Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 is that I am dressed in a dress at the log in image but…

…when I turn up in Club Penguin I have automatically changed outfit…


                             …lol…that is not good…

Unfortunately there is no workaround for this problem as I know for now…

Problem with Club Penguin and Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2

Microsoft has released a new beta version of their web browser IE8 Beta 2 and I wanted to give it a try on my Windows Vista. It is supposed to work fine to restore IE7 by uninstalling IE8 B2.

So, does Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 work with Club Penguin? Not really.

Here is one big problem. All coins I earn are lost. When I found out this I had played a lot and earned around 3000 coins and I lost them...

Look here I just played Aqua Grabber and earned a few coins…

…If I now Log Off…

…and directly click on PLAY NOW…
…I get this problem…
”Multiple connections detected. Please disconnect old connections”

If I just click on Okay I’m able to Start anyway but the problem is that my coins that I earned in the previous session are lost! I earned 25 coins so I had 267 coins and now it’s only 242 coins.

So what if I try to use the new Compatibility View that is supposed to work like older versions like IE7?

…still the same problem with Club Penguin to retain my earned coins.

But there is a workaround so Club Penguin works. If you after you have logged off also exit from IE8 completely before logging in again it will work ;)

If you just close the tab and open up Club Penguin in a new tab the Multiple connections warning does not show up but the coins that you earned in the previous session are gone. So you need to close all tabs and sessions of Internet Explorer 8.

UPDATE: Here is a quicker solution :)

I did also try the standard solution to problems that Club Penguin Support provides but it didn’t help. I reinstalled Flash Player and cleared my cache (Temporary Internet Files).

A BIG THANKS to the Support Team at JTB World you are GREAT!

OneCare Firewall block rundll32.exe after installing IE8

Solve problem in Club Penguin by reinstalling Flash Player

The following is the standard response from Club Penguin Support:

“This sort of error is usually caused by your Flash Player, the program on your computer that Club Penguin runs inside of. Perhaps it has become damaged in some small way.
I would recommend fully removing and then reinstalling it from scratch, which can be done by following these instructions:

First uninstall,

Then reinstall,

Once you have successfully reinstalled the Flash player on your computer, it is recommended that you clear your web cache and restart your web browser for the changes to take effect. To clear your web browser's cache, simply click on the link below and select the web browser you are currently using for detailed directions:

Clear Web Browser Cache instructions

After successfully completing the steps above for your web browser, please restart your computer before attempting to access Club Penguin.
Also, please make certain you are loading Club Penguin from the main "Play Now" button, and not using any of the old "load.swf" files, these no longer will provide you full access to the game.

Mia4446 and the Cove Party

My good friend Mia4446 visit me for a chat…she invited me to the cove…click to enlarge

…we decide to have a PARTY!…click to enlarge

…ALL INVITED…and all COLORS is welcome…click to enlarge

…swim and dance…lol…click to enlarge

…FUN FUN FUN in the SUN LOL…click to enlarge

…lots off ducks lol…click to enlarge

click to enlarge2008-08-29 03.07.41 - Copy

…Thanks Mia4446 for start this party it was a great idea and a AWSOME PARTY…click to enlarge

…we laugh so much…lol…and danced and swim and sing and talked for over one and a half hour…It was a blast!…:)click to enlarge

…then we needed to rest so we roster marshmallows…click to enlarge

…we started up the party again…Soccer Party…lol…look at the foot ball it is HUGE! lol…click to enlarge

…Thanks Mia4446 this was so much fun…click to enlarge 

THANKS! To all that joined the party :) We all TOGETHER made it GREAT! THANKS for all the FUN and lets have a new Party soon…

New Furniture Catalog

Remember to look in the new catalog…Kitchen and restaurant style :)

click to enlarge

This is awesome now I can open anything I want, coffee place, pizza place or something else…this will be fun :) I must check out my friends igloos later and see what they doing…as usual some stuff is hidden too…you find it :) I think my favourites is the cute coffee table and the pizza oven. Right now I have a book on my new coffee table I will read it later lol…

New cool Pin

A celebration to the 150 news paper COOL! This Pin is easy to find you don’t need my help…

…a hint…were can you find the old news papers?… lol… you are smart look underground :)

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