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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Another FUN day in Club Penguin :)

Today we had so much fun. Jadona visit my Igloo and we played Hide and Seek…lol…I like my hiding spot :)
click to enlarge

Then I took a look at Jadonas latest redecoration. It is a awesome place and I can hardly wait for the BIG party Jadona sure will have there…:)
click to enlarge

…back at cove again. Pudless 12 made sure we all get free icecream Thanks Pudless 12 you are so Kind :) Fdavid1 is so fun and so are Teron 10 and Jadona. Thanks to all penguins that played with us at the cove today it was so much Fun! lol…click to enlarge

…at the Pet Shop I visit all the cute Puppy's…lolclicik to enlarge

…I spend some quality time with my Puffles they have been sick and not so jumpy for a while I hope they get better soon…click to enlarge

…The Fire Force worked together again …LOL… that was so much fun…lots off Friend was there…click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge  THANKS! to ALL Penguins that made this day so much FUN! See you all tomorrow :)

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 tip for Club Penguin

For the Multiple Connections error message when logging out from Club Penguin using IE8 Beta 2. Here comes a great tip from Club Penguin Support:

“We just tested it here and found the same thing occurs: Multiple Connections error message when using the Log Off button. We did find that if you simply refresh the page instead of logging off, your penguin saves properly and you don't get the error message.”

Click on the Refresh button or on the F5 button on your keyboard instead of clicking on “Log Off”. So now we don’t  need to close Internet Explorer window anymore :) That is GREAT!

This solves the furniture and missing items from igloo problem and you keeping your coins :)

The problems with the games is still there hopefully it will be fix to the IE 8 is released :)

Until then you can use another web browser like Firefox or Safari if you want to play games with arrow keys.

THANKS! Club Penguin Support you are GREAT!

UPDATE: Now there is a SOLUTION to this Problem :) How to get Club Penguin Games work in Internet Explorer 8.0 :)

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