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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Update on undefined!

Club Penguin knows about this problem and working hard to fix it.

Thanks! If everything works out ok we can soon log in to play again :)

That is Great! and now you know for sure that the problem is NOT with your computer…LOL

Thanks to all that works at Club Penguin you all are Fantastic!

2008-09-04 13.26.18 - Copy


I try to log in and get this?…

 click to enlarge

....does anyone knows why?...Do you have the same problem? to enlarge

...if you have this problem write to Club Penguin Technical Support...


Club Penguin

See my posts about Club Penguin below.


New clothes and wigs are on the way…

2008-09-04 01.15.50 - Copy

…and something BIG will happen at the stage starting on Friday…click to enlarge …This will be so much FUN! Log in at Club Penguin and click on NEWS in the upper left corner to read more about this…

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