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Friday, September 5, 2008

New Catalogs and renovation at the Stage

A new Clothes catalog AND a wig catalog is here…I like this Penguin at work page every month :) This time we can be PAINTERS…

click to enlarge

…some cool penguins hurried together with me to the stage to start the renovation…our Friend the Yellow Puffle Shakespeare  was very interested in what we did…lol he is so cute I love him…:) click to enlarge

Thanks to my painting Buddies we did a Good work it was so cool to paint Together :)

Catalogs Party!

We all waiting for the new stuff so we started a Catalog Party…LOL…click to enlarge

…we danced and made hearts for the new cataloges…click to enlarge

…FINALLY the cataloges arrived and we started to buy and try out new outfits…lol I LOVE my new hair…:)click to enlarge

…the new backgrounds are cool too…:)

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