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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Forest Party :)

Today we had a small Forest Party (I know it was to late for many off you… it was not late here…lol)

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                        Thanks for coming to the Party! :)

Band Performance at Mine

My Friend Egge50 and I started a band today :) Soon some Cool Penguins join us…click to enlarge

…It was fun and we tried a lot off different music instruments and music styles…:)click to enlarge

…and we sang too…click to enlarge

…we played for true music lovers :)…click to enlarge  Thanks too Egge50, Lily143, Destiny6876 and Tux man22 you are all fantastic musicians it was so Fun to play Together with you all. See you soon again :) and a BIG Thanks! to all that listen and encourage us you are GREAT!

Puffles are Great!

After a long day I got home to my Puffles and we started to play Follow John…click to enlarge                     …They are my Best Friends Always :)…

click to enlarge

                        …we have so much Fun Together…

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…and they are never to busy to listen to me…today I told them all about my day…

 click to enlarge

…I had a GREAT day today and they was so happy for me :)…

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…After that I read a Fairy Tale for them Sweet, Purple and Chillie Love  Princess stories…

click to enlarge)                         …I LOVE my Puffles so MUCH!

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