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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Windows Movie Maker

2008-09-09 16.10.46When I have done my videos I have used a Free Freeware from Microsoft…                                          If you have Windows Vista you already have Windows Movie Maker on your computer. Just click on Windows Start and enter Movie Maker in the search field or you can access Windows Movie Maker directly from All Programs. Here is the Microsoft website about Windows Movie Maker.

If you have Windows XP you can look at this site for instructions how to download an older version of Windows Movie Maker.

It is Fun to make a video! You can do it! :)

Paint your Friends

One thing I really like in Club Penguin is that we all are different. No matter what colour we have on our feathers or how we chose to dress we are ALL Penguins and we have our own personality just as in real life :) I LOVE that we can express ourselves with different colours and clothes. We are all unique and we are all needed in Club Penguin. Together we make cp fun,  Together we are PERFECT!

Thanks to my Friend Egge50 :)

To read more about this fun trick click here

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