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Monday, September 15, 2008


The new Play at Stage Ruby and the Ruby is Awesome! It is so much fun to Dress up and play different parts in the play…AND to find all the clues to the Ruby…I think this is the best play ever at the stage :)click to enlarge

I made this video to thank all that works at Club Penguin. You all work so hard and making up so much fun for us penguins THANKS!


                    LOL…and now you Know were the Ruby is…:)

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THANKS! You are Awesome!

Lets all TOGETHER have Fun in Club Penguin! TOGETHER WE ARE GREAT! :)

Back too School :)

I am back in school…lolclick to enlarge

…my teacher Bugy652 is very nice and kind and she can answer all things I ask about…:)

2008-09-14 15.53.44 - Copy 2008-09-14 15.54.08 - Copy

…she gives me a lot off help if it is something I don’t understand…

2008-09-14 15.56.02 - Copy

My teacher is always supportive and encourage me all the time to do my best and that make it so fun to learn…

2008-09-14 15.56.22 - Copy  2008-09-14 15.56.56 - Copy

2008-09-14 15.56.46 - Copy

…I LOVE to learn new stuff…:)

2008-09-14 15.57.24 - Copy

…I have a cool recess room…click to enlarge

…and my own locker too…:)click to enlarge

THANKS! Bugy652 you are a GREAT teacher and your school Igloo is AWESOME! :)

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