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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Secrets at Friday 19 September!

I have blogged about this before but just so you don't miss it… Something will happen tomorrow! Be Ready! This message is from Captain Rockhopper so it will be something Fun! Arrrr!
click to enlarge
…I looked in the telescope but Rockhopper can not be spotted…this is so exciting what do you think will happen?


Last Year this was my Favorite Party me and my Friends hade so much fun! This year Club Penguin promise MORE GAMES and MORE FUN! WOW! Members will get special surprises too…:)

click to enlarge

…I LOVE that we have to WIN the prizes it is so COOL!click to enlarge) - Copy …Feed the Puffles was one of my favorite games on the last fall Party it is fun and cute at the same time. I am so Happy it will be back :)

                …lol feed the penguin…cotton candy…yummmm…                                …Lollipop…yummmmm…

        Take your Puffle for a walk at the Fair and have FUN!click to enlarge

                                           …Puffle O…2008-09-18 09.19.53 - Copy (5)

See you at the Fair we will have so much fun! Don't forget to look for the hidden Prizes…:)2008-09-18 09.30.10 - Copy

News from this weeks Newspaper

Ruby and the Ruby is so much Fun! If you want to know more about the story behind the play log in at CP, open the news, find this page and click on the blue penguin  he will tell you a story…so click again and he tell more…lolclick to enlarge

…this message is interesting click on it so you can read it…hmmm What's going on?…sounds cool… now I have to pick out a good outfit :)click to enlarge …more fall secrets! Grab the leaves and move them away. Four of them can be moved. Then hover over the pictures you will find and get the secret messages…COOL!click to enlarge

…the BIGGEST Fall Party will come at the 26 September…read next blog post for more info…:)

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