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Monday, September 22, 2008


This is a sneak peek from the new mission! WOW! This look GREAT!click to enlarge

                    …so much Fun to look forward to :)

Soon Soon…

The Fall Fair Party will soon be here…I know it will be so much FUN! This Game we had last year and it will come back this year too…:) THANKS CP! The Puffles LOVE to jumping around and it is a fun game to play and you have to be quick and work really fast… I am so curious about the NEW games we are promised…I wish it was Friday TODAY…well just four more days to go…:)click to enlarge

               Friday soon…Friday soon…Friday soon…LOL…:)

Fun with Friends

I meet my Friend Moofa11 at the coffee shop and we had a chat…:)click to enlarge  Teron10, Zooky001, Emmhsmfan and I had a dance party at top of the mountain. Teron10 was so fun and changes hats all the time we laughs and laughs :)click to enlarge

…in town it was crowded…it is so fun to see all penguins waddling around :)click to enlarge   …I got a new friend her name is Greysongurl9 she is fun and cool :)click to enlarge …my old Friend Sakie1 came for a visit he was so nice and voluntary become the manager at the movie Thanks! for all your help you are Great!

click to enlarge

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