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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More about the Fall Fair Party

This is the latest sneak peek from the upcoming party…click to enlarge

WOW! WOW! WOW! This is so COOL! Cotton candy in the windows… Beautiful colors everywhere…Music and Games….AND a new PIN too! I wonder how that pin will look?… hmmm something carnival I guess…lol… Waiting for Friday to come…:)

Igloos on Map

Don't forget to click on map and go to the igloos…you can visit many penguins and get to now them better and you get a lot of great decorating tips that way :)It is so cool to see the great ways penguin decorate their homes…And Igloo Party's is so fun many off them have a them so just go there dress up and play your part…That is so much FUN! click to enlarge This is how Word Bird have her Igloo decorated…I like the pool :)click to enlarge

…and this Igloo belongs to Bluzzzy I like the Pink Igloo it is cute…click to enlarge

and this to Cpd Officer…I like the music decorations they are awesome :)click to enlarge    Cutie 1116 have a cool restaurant…I LOVE the kitchen area… very cool:)click to enlarge

Bugy652 have a Great Igloo, right now it is a private school…:) click to enlarge  I like this igloo it belongs to Cool Henry1 The coffee machines  is awesome :) and the puffles so cute…click to enlarge

Naia7 have a Igloo with lots of rare items that is way cool :)click to enlarge

Henrique Lop lives in the Gym Igloo and have the colourful Disco floor…Cool :)click to enlarge

Bamrovers have the medieval igloo in blue… awesome! 
click to enlarge 

…and Abi 31 have the PINK one! :) I LOVE PINK LOLclick to enlarge

I like the way Super Peg 3 have decorate her Igloo it really feels like a home and I LOVE the wooden floor…:)click to enlarge

…this is just a few igloos and decorations go and visit other penguins Igloos and see for yourself…IT IS AWESOME! :)

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