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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fall Fair Party Igloo!

Okay now I am ready for Party both me and my igloo is dressed up and decorated…lol…just some more hours before Party :)click to enlarge

Thanks! to my good friend Flingky for keeping me company and helping me during the Igloo decoration. Hope to challenge you in sled race soon :)

Items from last Years Fall Fair!

I wonder what prizes we can win this year?                                 Last year at Fall Fair 2007 you could win this Background, cotton candy, The cute Princess tiara, the pin and later on the fun hand game and candy necklace…and a SECRET item to win was the lollipop :) I think that was all did I miss something?   click to enlarge


      2008-09-25 17.00.20 - Copy            I hope we get NEW prizes this Fall Fair I LOVE to get a Balloon…and hopefully a Secret Item too…;)

PSA Secret Mission!

A new Mission will come soon! Don't miss the secret messages from PSA hidden in the newspaper…                                                      Log in at CP and click at the paper on Aunt Arctic's desk…click to enlarge
                                  …click at the best…click to enlarge
                                        …click at book…
                                        …click at treat…click to enlarge
                                      …click at cookie…
                                      …click at vision…click to enlarge
                                        …click at TV…
                                      …click at java…click to enlarge
                                    …click at coffee cup…                              …and you get the message :)
click to enlarge
This is so exciting I can hardly wait for the mission to start I wonder what Herbert is up to this time?… What do you think?

News from Newspaper

Log in at Club Penguin and take a look at the New Newspaper…click to enlarge

Tomorrow the Party started :) hover over the green penguin for all info you need…and for us members hover over the ticket too…This is way Cool!click to enlarge

…move the leaves hover over the pictures and get more secret info :)click to enlarge

Lalalalal Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow…:)

…and did you find the secret message from G? I blog about that later

The Guardian and Party!

Today I am The Guardian the protector off the cove and the forest :)

…Black Mad and I had a FUN dance Party we made a LOT of Noise LOL that was FUN!

click to enlarge

…I needed a break from my work so I visited the Pet shop for a while… All Puffles love to have fun and I go there and play with them time to time…They get so happy and I like to make them happy and sometimes I help out a Penguin to adopt one off them…That is the BEST! Puffle Dance Party…

   click to enlarge

                                       …back to work :)

click to enlarge

                                 …I LOVE the Forest!…click to enlarge

              …and I got a new Friend :) Her name is Chikida2…click to enlarge

         …Together with Kitten19956 and Cowj we started a band…click to enlarge

…in the lighthouse we played some more Xhalolatinax is Awesome on maracas… click to enlarge

             Chikida2 and I had a fashion show at the mountain…click to enlarge

                                        …TAG…LOLclick to enlarge

                                    Dock Party in the Boat :)click to enlarge

                 I meet Good Baby 11 today and we had a Party… click to enlarge

                                 …we laugh and danced…

click to enlarge

                      …talked, eat popcorn and ice cream…click to enlarge

                 …and danced some more it was a Great Party!

click to enlarge

Thanks to Littlekaty65, Lemongirl588, Icehannah12, Good Baby 11 and to all others that join the Party! You are all Great and Fun Party Penguins :)

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