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Friday, September 26, 2008


Something BIG will happen in Club Penguin! This is the Coolest sneak peak ever! Click HERE and brush away the frost to see…click to enlarge

                               What do you think it is?

Fall Fair Island

Now the Island on the home page is decorated too :) It was not Ready earlier but now it is done COOL! So much happen on the Island right now and more will come…click to enlarge

                          See you around! Waddle on :)

Fun Tricks!

This is Fun! Click on cotton candy machine to do cotton candy :) COOL!click to enlarge

                  Click on red button to start the rodeo horse :)click to enlarge 

                          Click on popcorn to start popping :) click to enlarge

                          Have you find any more fun Tricks?

Fall Fair Games For NON MEMBERS

Club Penguin is as always very generous so this six games is for EVERYONE! THANKS! This is Awesome!

At Beach you find Memory Card Game…

click to enlarge

…I am really good at this so this is a favorite for me…click to enlarge

At Dock you find…click to enlarge

…Grab and Spin…click to enlarge

…and Ring the Bell…click to enlarge

Go to Snow Fort for Puffle Paddle :)click to enlarge

…this game is Great I love the cute sound from the Puffles and their happy smiles :) They LOVE to bounce around…just like me… LOLclick to enlarge

At Cove you find Feed-A-Puffle…This Game is Awesome a Favorite too…lol


 click to enlarge

In Forest is Puffle Shuffle this is fun you have to be smart and have your eyes with you…:)

click to enlarge click to enlarge

All This games was at last years Fall Fair… Thanks! CP for bringing them back to us again! :) I have missed them!

Don't lose your Tickets!

Just remember JUSE up ALL your Tickets before you log off…click to enlarge

Fair Fall Games For Members!

                             Puffle Soaker is so much Fun!

click to enlarge

… Try to soak the Puffles but…don't hit Rockhopper, Aunt Arctic or G…

click to enlarge

                                  …and don't get hit…LOL

click to enlarge

               …Balloon POP is Cool! Soaring true the air and…

click to enlarge

                                      …bump in to target…

click to enlarge

                              …hurry to pick up tickets…:)

click to enlarge



Finely it is HERE :) This is AWESOME! Fun like last Year AND MORE!click to enlarge

Lots off fun games and cool decorations…The Pool is AWESOME!click to enlarge

…I was Right! I was Right! This is FANTASTIC! :)click to enlarge

…in forest you find a prize both…click to enlarge

…Cool!click to enlarge

I meet my Friends Midna2007 and 99blake… click to enlarge

From Snow Fort you can go in here…IF YOU ARE A MEMBER…click to enlarge 

…WOW! So Cool! NEW GAMES! and MORE prizes to win! AWESOME!click to enlarge

…I LOVE THE TEDDY BEAR! SO SO CUTE! :)click to enlarge

                            Don't forget the new lollipop pin…

…I will Blog more later but now I will waddle around and have fun with my Friends THIS FALL FAIR IS AWESOME! SEE YOU IN NORTH POLE! :)click to enlarge

Waiting for Fall Fair!

Soon Soon now…only minutes left…HEART FOR FALL FAIR! LOLclick to enlarge

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