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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More Fall Fair Fun!

More Party's….:) I LOVE to dance…lolclick to enlarge 

…My ears needed some rest from the fall fair music…lol…and here in Pet Shop we had a great time… click to enlarge

      Coffee place is busy and many penguins wanted cotton candy…click to enlarge

    …it is a sweet job…lol but sticky I got cotton candy in my hair :)    click to enlarge                                            Yummm…:)click to enlarge

       Now I will log on CP and have some more FUN se you there :)

Grab and Spin don't work!

Right now CP have problem with grab and spin but they working on the problem…so hopefully we can play it soon again… click to enlarge

click to enlarge

Fall Fair Background

The new background is so cute…look the fish try to eat my cotton candy…lol :)click to enlarge

This is last years background…but we got the teddy first this year…

2008-10-01 11.10.44 - Copy

                                     I LOVE my Teddy :)

More Prizes to Win!

It is lots of penguins in the forest today NEW PRIZES TO WIN! COOL :)

click to enlarge 

…A blue cotton candy sweet I got the pink one last year and I LOVE the new background :) The paddleball is awesome I got one last year and me and my friends have so much fun playing with them…don't miss to win one…

click to enlarge

              No new prizes for member jet…maybe later?…

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