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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Two More Sneak Peek Posters

             More posters Sweet! Go HERE to download them :)

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More from Sneak Peek

Isn't they Cute? The Alien look so funny…

click to enlargeCute Cute Cute…click to enlarge

Now we can se more in the sneak Peek picture go HERE and take a look yourself

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Wow! This picture will look GREAT when all the dolls are there…:) I wonder if it will be a cool background too?

Secret message to Secret Agents

This is Cool! A NEW Secret Message from PSA and G…log in at CP and click on P,S,A and you get the message…click to enlargeThis is so exciting! The New mission will be here next week…Ohhh I can Hardly wait :)click to enlargePSA is short for Penguin Secret Agency and we Agents are all awesome and keep Club Penguin safe. We get a good training and learn how to think smart and to solve problems. If you're penguin is older than 30 days you can join :) Click on M in the Right upper corner…
Click on Become a Secret Agent and follow the instructions…You are smart you will past the test :)
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            Click HERE to read a story about a Secret Agent Test

News from Newspaper

LOL… We Love to read the news and grab the paper right from the snowball press…

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Our resident fashion penguin and Rory the construction penguin have some news for us just log in at club penguin, open the paper and…

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…hold your mouse over the pics…If you hover over pink and purple Fashion girl talk…

click to enlarge

…and over blue and yellow Rory talks…lol Rory is so crazy…:)

  click to enlarge

This is fun! Try different combinations and se how many different stories and pictures you can get I got…Nahh You try for yourself that is so much more Fun :)

click to enlarge

click to enlarge   click to enlarge And a new adventure at stage scroll over page to get the message…

click to enlarge

This and much more in the news paper this week I like the games…

Other news is More clothes and wigs will come tomorrow so make sure you have enough coins…And the NEW MISSION will come next week! WOHOOOO! This is AWESOME! Don't miss it!

My Family :)

I meet Sam Jam3 today and he asked if I want to be in his Family! So now I am adopted :) Sam Jam3 is my new BIG brother…(Littletias is my Real brother but he can be in the family too…)  click to enlarge

We looking for more family members and we got a sister her name is Tinkletip and she is so cute :)

click to enlarge So now I will proudly present my new family members my Big brother Sam Jam3 and my cute sister Tinkletip! Here we are :)

click to enlarge

We had lots to talk about and we went to my igloo so they could meet my Puffles…My Puffles was so happy to meet them…Speed was little reserved in the beginning but very soon he started to play with Sam Jam3 and was so happy…

 click to enlarge    click to enlarge

                                We played tag together :)

click to enlarge click to enlarge

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This is AWESOME! I have a Family in Club Penguin! I cant wait to meet them again :) Next time I think we go and look for a mummy,Daddy and some more siblings Grandparents would be great too…:)

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