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Monday, October 6, 2008

Club Penguin LEGO?

               Take a look at this Penguins… my guess is LEGO!2008-10-06 22.46.19 - Copy (2)
It make sense Disney have a lot of their characters in LEGO and the round things in the back will be LEGO Igloos to build THAT WILL BE SO AWESOME! We can build the Whole Island! Way COOL!

This can turn out to be one of the best things so far I LOVE LEGO!

More Toys from Club Penguin :)

Some more cute dolls are added to the picture I like the mermaid…The two in the back is A DIFFERENT KIND OF TOY can it be LEGO? You can se it is in plastic…:)

click to enlarge
…nine boy penguins and only two girl penguins so far…click HERE to go to the doll picture…

click to enlarge click to enlarge

Cool Party Danyredman and Icykingbuddy :)

I was invited to a Party :) After dressing up I went to the coffee shop for some Tea too drink yummm lolclick to enlarge

Then I was ready and waddle out to Town to wait for the Party to start…click to enlarge

                           Danyredman open up his Igloo…

               This Igloo look Cool! We started to Dance…click to enlarge

…and talk to friends it was so FUN to meet old and new Friends :)click to enlarge

                        The Party moved on to the Mountains…click to enlarge

  …and after some sled run I helped serving free Ice cream yummmy :)click to enlarge

                                   Lol...we look so Funny!click to enlarge

Together..we take a look over the cliff this is a cool place to hang out with a wonderful view over club penguin :)click to enlarge

TAG! LOL we running crazy like HAPPY RUNNING! It was so much fun!click to enlarge 

                         The Party moving on to Ski Lodge…click to enlarge

                                  …we playing Find Four…click to enlarge

                                      …time to go…click to enlarge

                          …it was so much FUN! THANKS!click to enlarge

                    THANKS FOR THE PARTY! IT WAS GREAT!

I like that we was on different places on the Island and I like to run around and play like we did and to have Games Together and to talk too:) This is how we have a GREAT time TOGETHER!

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