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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mission nr 9

It is here! It is here! It is finely HERE! This mission nine is so FUN!click to enlarge

                           …Operation: Spy and Seek…click to enlarge

…this time G have invented this locations devises and we need to place them on different locations all over the island so we can track Herbert…If you LISTEN carefully to G you will get all information you need…a tip ask a lot of questions…click to enlarge

                               …be friendly and helpful…click to enlarge

                        …lol this friends is so funny…:)click to enlarge

…do you remember this pic? We got it as a sneak peek from BillyBob some time ago…click HERE if you want to se the sneak peek again…This is a sticky situation lol… but it is much easier to fix than I first thought…click to enlarge

                              …just give them a hand…;)click to enlarge

                               Rory…again be helpful…:)click to enlarge

…I LOVE the small games we can do in the mission this is one of twoclick to enlarge

                             …lol helpful…be helpful…:)click to enlarge

Ops this is a secret…shhh sometimes I need calm and quiet you know I LOVE my Puffles so much but they can be noisy when they play so I spend a lot of times to write my blog up here…(It is okay I have asked Aunt Arctic for permission but please let it stay a secret between us…otherwise all penguins want to come up here and party with us…and I love to Party too so it will make it hard to get this blog done lol)) click to enlarge

                     …All three are placed go back to G…click to enlarge

                          …now we can start tracking…click to enlarge 
…follow Gs instructions and you will do fine :) listen to Herbert and again ask G as many questions at possible…Remember “questions is the source to knowledge”click to enlarge

                       Mission accomplice and we get a medalclick to enlarge

If you have been helpful (offcourse you have you are a good and kind penguin) your new friends from the ski village have a present for you…click to enlarge

                                      Chocolate :)click to enlarge

Click on them and you can eat them way cool! Remember to share them with your friends I did :)click to enlarge

Yummm…they was so yummy and now they are in my tummy…LOLclick to enlarge

    Thanks CP I love the mission I can hardly wait to the next one!

Cool Mission sneak Peek

          Screenhog gave us this mission sneak peeks…interesting…

                   …will we spy on Herbert and Klutzy for PSA?

                                    …soon we will now :)

Fun at Home!

I love to spend time at home after a day in school it is so nice to sit by the fire and relaxing, drinking hot chocolate and tell my Puffles all about what happens in school today…click to enlarge

…I like school I like to learn new stuff Today we learned about Africa's different animals both Africa and India have elephants but they are not the same…Cool :)click to enlarge

                     …then I can spend time to sing and play …click to enlarge

             …painting is so much fun and I enjoy to do that a lot…click to enlarge

From my window I can see the mountain and I like to look at the sled races…sometimes I run out and play too :)click to enlarge

…Have you seen my NEW kitchen? I like it so much and I like the stain free new stove and refrigerator…lol…the oven is great for my pizza…click to enlarge

                            …I have a coffee machine too…:)  click to enlarge

                      …I spilled milk…eww…I need to clean up…click to enlarge

…LOL…I need a little HELP from my friends…Help me eat this please…click to enlarge

                            …Piano practice I Love to play…click to enlarge gymnastic training is way fun I train every day…almost :)click to enlarge

…This presents are for ME :)…But I'm not allowed to open them yet…click to enlarge

       Thanks for visit me! Welcome back again another time :)click to enlarge


During the Fall Fair Party I meet a very Cool and Kind Penguin named Crelsy :) We had so much fun jumping and bouncing on the trampoline. Now when the Fall Fair is over for this year we want to tell CP how much we enjoyed all  the Games and Decorations! It was AMAZING! GREAT WORK! So here is a BIG THANK-YOU! To all that working at Club Penguin!click to enlarge

      From ALL of us to ALL of you a really really Happy THANK-YOU!

click to enlarge

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