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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Secret Message in Spy phone?

This looks Cool  is there a secret message hidden here? Sorry no just lots of random  letters…I translate it and end up with NOTHING! Can this be the JOKE G talked about in the mission? I think so…what do you think?…I think it had been way cool if it had been a message here :)click to enlarge  click to enlarge

Herbert and Klutzy lives here…

LOOK HERE! We Agents found them! That is GREAT! Herbert and Klutsy have made themself a camp on the other side of the lake you know the lake behind the ski lodge…Here they try to make a camp fire going…click to enlarge 

…It is a very pore camp they live in…This is heart breaking! THIS WILL NOT DUE! Herbert and Klutzy need a decent home to live in! We all have Igloos to live in and now we need to pull together and help them! I know I know he is grumpy and mean but maybe he will get nicer if we get him a home a worm place to live in? We all know how much he hates the cold…click to enlarge

Hello Herbert would you like a worm cosy Igloo like this? A nice worm fire going on and some hot tea to drink? If you are nice and kind you can get some cute Puffles for company for you and Klutzy? Doesn't that sounds good? Lets all be Friends :)click to enlarge

This is Amazing! Herbert playing! Maybe we can have good hope about him :)click to enlarge 

And Dancing too :) Wow They have FUN TOGETHER! This is GREAT!click to enlarge

WHAT! NO! A new evil plan! This time he will go after our PUFFLES! PSA!! ALL AGENTS HELP!!! HELP!!! HELP!!!click to enlarge

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