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Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Spy phone

All Agents have a spy phone you find it in the bottom left corner…click to enlarge

                                        It is WAY COOL! click to enlarge

here you find some gadgets that can be useful during the missions…Comb…click to enlarge

                                           …wrench…click to enlarge

                                           …scissor… click to enlargeIf you scroll down here (follow the arrow) or click at the display window you can chose a place and immediately transport yourself to that room…click to enlarge

The red flash up here actually is a secret message in Morse code it says: “You Are Cool”…That is so Awesome :)

                WARNING! Be careful don't lose your phone…LOLclick to enlarge

Why be a Secret Agent?

The answer is easy it is FUN :) And you can help out in Club Penguin too :) All Secret Agents are V.I.P (Very Important Penguins)in CP and we all have a Mission: TOGETHER we keep Club Penguin SAFE!click to enlarge  

click to enlarge

click to enlarge                        It is time to take the Agent Quiz…

click to enlarge

     After you have done the test you hopefully will get this message…

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

                Here under Awards you will find your spy phone…

click to enlargeG is the inventor of this phone and he make sure every Agent on the Island have one. He will call you during missions to help you, give you orders and keep you updated…

           click to enlarge click to enlarge

And you will get this cool Post Card…Report to HQ for your first assignment and remember, always ask a lot of questions and be kind and helpful :) I looking forward to work with you see you soon in HQ!click to enlarge

To Read more about PSA and how to become a Secret Agent click HERE

Sneak Peek UPDATE!

More penguins have appeared on this picture now…One more GIRL :) Click HERE to go to this page

click to enlarge

…This is a figurine toy! Two inch high is this figurine and it is made of three parts (head, body, feet) so we can buy a lot of them and create our own cool combinations :) AWESOME! click to enlarge LOL…this look like I need to save up some money in REAL life too…

Post Card from G


I got this post card from G at PSA…If you translate it you got this message…Nahhh…try for yourself first it is more fun :) I make a update of this later…click to enlarge

UPDATE: Have you translate the message jet? Here it is: You are being called in for a special assignment please report to HQ as soon as possible G

Okay G I am on my way right now :)

Helpful Agents

The New Mission nine is awesome! In HQ Agents helps out to train and support together :)

click to enlarge

Here I helps CatLover123 she is very smart :) If you try to help someone remember to listen to what they want to know…click to enlarge Milycyrfan and Mashy Mach12 did a GREAT work and was so helpful and supportive :) click to enlarge

I like when we can work TOGETHER it makes everything so much more FUN!


Mission save the Puffles

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE THIS IS HORRIBLE! Herbert will go after our PUFFLES! We MUST STOP him! In HQ we gather together to make up plans and organise a PROTECT THE PUFFLES plan…click to enlarge

Good Agents like Zokap, Penguin20646670 and Wong3 quickly made up a plan and me and a lot of other Agent was ready to start working… click to enlarge

                       …first we needed to get more Agents…click to enlarge

                               …then we get our mission…click to enlarge

                                    …to the Puffle Shop…click to enlarge

                                         …we protect…click to enlarge

                                           …Puffles…click to enlarge

                                           …all over… click to enlarge

                                         …the Island…click to enlarge

…all Agents will work hard on this and G will soon give us more instructions…so look out for anything suspicious around the Island and look for hidden messages from G…PSA will contact you…

Space adventure at stage

The story continue…on Friday can we meet Zip the Alien and the other from the space ship again at the stage…Cool :)click to enlarge 

I think the Stage is awesome and I like to play theatre what do you think?

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