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Friday, October 10, 2008

News From Newspaper

So much happens in CP right now so don't forget to read the News…Two more Party's is soon here…I LOVE Cute and Nice so the Halloween Party is so NOT for me! NOT the Igloo decorating contest ether…contact me when CUTE and KIND, PINK, PURPLE and SPARKLES is BACK! THANKS! click to enlarge

                    This is more Fun :) Last year was GREAT! click to enlarge


After all FUN at Stage we went to Town and started a SINGING PARTY!

click to enlarge                    LOL…We singing a finding Mimo song…lol

click to enlarge click to enlarge click to enlargeclick to enlarge

click to enlargeThanks! Dempikova, Sparkforever, Sand Flipper and Flingky it was FUN :)click to enlarge

We couldn't find our Friend Mimo777 today…I feel sorry for him…He missed a Fun Party…that's okay we will play soon again :) See you all in Club Penguin!

Space Adventure Planet “Y”

WOW! This looks Interesting…click to enlarge

Me and my Friend Spark forever was really impressed so was U Fride and Sand Flipper…click to enlarge

                               I got myself new costume… click to enlarge                                           LETS PLAY!click to enlarge

                         LOL this is TWEEE-BEEP fun LOL…click to enlarge                             I am the Alien Captain now :)click to enlarge

                We have found a new world…Who can live here?click to enlarge

                       Ginger 7773 you saved us all THANKS! click to enlarge                            Space ship problem…HELP…lolclick to enlarge

                       Okay we are in deep trouble right now…click to enlarge

            …we are SAVED! THANKS! You are all great actors :)click to enlarge

After the performance me and Flingky have a chat with Shakespeare as always she was awesome and she remained us to use the switch board…Thanks! I Love all the effects CP have made for us THANKS:)click to enlarge

Rockhopper coming Back!

            I was up at the Beacon and looked out over the ocean… click to enlarge                         …and there I spotted the Migrator… click to enlarge
ROCKHOPPER and YARR is on their way back again GREAT I have missed them so much! I wonder what exciting things they will bring to us this time?click to enlarge
                  A Flower to my Friends Rockhopper and Yarr :)


             A New Pin today…you know where this pic is taken… :)click to enlarge

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