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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Three Years Anniversary

It will soon be here the 3rd Anniversary Party :) Last year was so FUN!  I had so much cake and drank so much soda and danced, laugh and sang with my friends it was a Blast!

This year Club Penguin promises us a couple of surprises…Cool! I can hardly wait…

The Party start the same day that the new toys are available for us to buy Whohoo :) Anniversary Party will start October 24 and stay to October 26 so don't miss it…I looking forward to se what decorations CP have made this year…I think it will be AWESOME!click to enlarge

A new Yearbook will be released too…I love the yearbooks and I often go up to the Book Room and read them. It reminds me of all the FUN and Crazy things we do and all the Party's we have here TOGETHER in Club Penguin It is my family album :)

Fun with Friends

PARTY TIME I happen to waddle up on a Fun Town Party…we had so much FUN!click to enlarge   
  Ops! I did it again…I get it in my face…lol Gosig LOVES the fire :)

click to enlarge

Matt Chez send me a message and wounder if we could  meet and I  am always happy to meet new penguins. So please let me introduce my new Friend…Here he is MATT CHEZ!click to enlarge

                Matt Chez is fun and we did a HAPPY RUNNING!

click to enlargeA BIG THANKS! to Evanzilla she gave us both free ice cream, I wish for more kind penguins like you :)

click to enlarge

                     LOL…sled race..we look so FUNNY!click to enlarge

                 Both me and Matt Chez like to play find four :)

click to enlarge

Then we decide to try to Tip the Iceberg…It will work some day I am positively sure of that :)

click to enlarge

                                 …but not today…lolclick to enlargeI visit my Friend Emperor200  Cool Igloo and had a long chat with his cute Puffles :)click to enlarge            Thanks for visiting me Evan Pj you are a superhero!

click to enlarge…we trying to find something that can protect our Puffles…If you see Herbert or Klutzy report to PSA immediately…

click to enlarge                                 …LOL you are so Funny :)

click to enlarge                                        WE FOUND IT!  click to enlargePiperq and Toopoo55r Thanks for helping out… we got a call from G and we hurry away to HQ…

click to enlarge…sorry cant tell you what G wanted it is a secret…but I am sure he will contact you too soon if you are a Secret Agent…so be prepared and watch out for clues…At HQ I meet a new Friend her name is

click to enlargeShe invited me to her igloo Thanks Empolion1097 you have a lovely home :)click to enlargeclick to enlargeI am so HAPPY because I meet Milly350 today she and I are old Friends and it was so nice to see her again…Bfssa your outfit is AWESOME you look so good :)click to enlargeclick to enlarge

It was so much Fun Today! Thanks to all penguins that played TOGETHER with me! You are all GREAT! See you Tomorrow Goodnight!

I am one of THEM…

LOL I am one of them now…ALIENS! I think they are cute :)

click to enlarge

I am the only one at the ship looking like this. Zip from Planet X, Captain Snow, Ensign, and Tin Can 3000 is nice to me and do everything they can to make me laugh but I still miss my old friends…Can this be my home planet?…I will go out and take a look…

click to enlarge

YES! This is my home Planet Y! Finally at home after 10000 Years in space…and I meet my old friend Emperor200 Woohoo! He took care of my igloo all this time…THANKS!

click to enlarge                             Alien identifications card…LOL

click to enlarge

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