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Monday, October 13, 2008

An Idea!

I was waddling  around  the island and come to the Iceberg…I looked out over the ocean in all directions and got an idea…
click to enlarge
                         …what do you think Skull31071?…
click to enlarge

    …we think the idea is GREAT! and we started to take pictures…
click to enlarge

…Partickesd1 thought us some good dance moves and helped out… click to enlarge

…I was so happy that Icy139 could come too :) He is a good old Friend to me and we always have so much Fun Together!…click to enlargeclick to enlarge…LOL I almost fall off the Iceberg in my eager to find the best photo angle…click to enlarge

                         …music rehearsal and pep talk :)click to enlarge

                                    SNOW FIGHT…LOLclick to enlarge

        Hello My Old Friend Wobler444 THANKS! for joining us :)click to enlarge

                             WOW! This is so Exciting! click to enlarge

                  Icy139 and I winding down with some soccer…click to enlarge

I think this is one off my BEST ideas EVER! Tomorrow you can see my NEW Video :)

Friends Forever

Today I waddle to the Forest and there I meet a nice Penguin named Emand4 and I got a great tour :)

click to enlarge 
THANKS! I LOVE to take tours :) Every time I learn something new about our beautiful Island…

click to enlargeI hade a special reason to be in Forest today…a penguin named Funny Hony wanted to meet me :)  and I am always Happy to meet new Friends…
click to enlarge

      Coleman3000 and his cute Puffle come and talked for a while…

click to enlarge             …and I meet a new Friend her name is Sweetaly123…

click to enlargePinngs and I started a Dance Party! Pinngs you are a Fun Friend to be around…Thanks for all the cool stuff you do :)

click to enlargeOhhh I am so HAPPY that Skull31071 could come too…we are Good Old Friends :)click to enlarge


click to enlarge

                  …I LOVE to spend time with my FRIENDS…

click to enlarge

                      …we can NEVER have to many FRIENDS!

click to enlarge

               …and we are FRIENDS FOREVER IN CLUB PENGUIN!

  click to enlarge 
This is a thing me and my Friends do…when we are Happy we do a HAPPY RUNNING! :) To learn how to do that click HERE

click to enlarge                           HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY!…LOL

click to enlarge

THANKS! for ALL FUN we had Today! Sorry you couldn't come Funny Hony see you another time :)

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