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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Play Club Penguin in Portuguese

            LOOK! Now we can play Club Penguin in Portuguese!

click to enlarge

                                …You can choose here to get…

click to enlarge                    …Club Penguin in Portuguese! AWESOME!!!

 click to enlarge

click to enlarge 

                …we can choose between 23 different servers…
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…I guess we might get more language in the future…I HOPE SO! THIS IS FUN!

Credits for giving me the tips to this Blog Post goes to my Friend Matt Chez…THANKS!  You are Great! Keep up the good work!

UPDATE: Now we can choose the language here too :)
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Unlock Items online!

They are soon here…one more week to go and some days…lol…If you buy a Club Penguin toy you will find this coin and with the coin you get a code…enter the code and you will open a special book there you can get RARE items! OLD and NEW…This is for both Members and Non members :) every coin is different so you can collect them! Cool!

How to unlock Items Online Tutorial Club Penguin :)

We Are the World!

Here is the Video!

To read about how we prepared for this video go HERE

Tomorrow I will Post a VERY important Blog Post…Please Come back and read that Post!

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