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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rockhopper is soon here!

                    On Friday Rockhopper and Yarr is here…click to enlarge… until then you can play with this cool Model off the Migrator :) This is one off G:s models and you find it in Mission 7 Clockwork repairs :) I think G:s Gadgets is AWESOME! click to enlarge

UPDATE: Because of some strong current out at sea Rockhopper might run little late…but he promise to be here before the Halloween Party :)

Mission: Java Bags Mystery

Today I was skating around the Island to deliver mail for the islands post office… click to enlarge

I LOVE the outdoor and I was just thinking about all the GREAT FUN me and my Friends had yesterday… click to enlarge……when my phone rang…click to enlargeIt was G and he asked me to IMMEDIATELY come to the Sport Shop…click to enlarge    There I got the Info…Some strange things have been reported around the Coffee Shop can you go and investigate please?  asked G. Sure I sad and started my new Mission…I headed for the shop but suddenly Herbert blocking my way…I was startled… Herbert usually keeps to him self so this was unusual behaviour for him. He said… click to enlarge    Hi I answered how are you today? Herbert ignoring my kind question and continued…click to enlarge Look here, I said I don't want to fight with you or play your destructive games. Lets be FRIENDS! Please can you and me take a coffee break together and have a nice talk? Maybe you can tell me what we penguins can do for you to make you feel better and more at home here on our Island? Herbert didn't listen! He just drove away from me…

It was calm and quiet in the Coffee shop today and it smelled lovely of coffee, chocolate and tea but it was no time for a break…

click to enlargeI looked around but couldn't see anything unusual, then I got a idea…I went out to the backside of the shop just as one off the delivering trucks happened to arrive… 

click to enlarge

The truck driver immediately started to unload the truck and I had a hard time to keep up with the work so I didn't get a java bag in my head…Then something else hit me…THE JAVA logo was gone! Both on the truck and on the bags! I hurried to unload the truck but before I could ask the truck driver about this he drove off……I took one off the bags and open it up…ROCKS! No coffee it was ROCKS in all the bags…I was very confused…

click to enlargeOn my way back to G I meet my good Friend Rocky :) He works for PSA too and we have successfully worked together on other missions… I told him the story and asked if he had notice anything unusual?…Yes he said I saw Klutzy hanging around outside HQ earlier…WOW that is News I said…I will go and take a look!Thanks, Rocky!

click to enlarge                              …Rocky answered Bye and…click to enlarge

I slowly open the door to HQ and tiptoed in…There he was…Klutzy sat on the table and looked at some papers at G:s desk…Hi There, I said what are you doing in here?… Klutzy jumped and stared at me…in a flash he was outside the door…click to enlarge                       … and running for cover under the threes…

click to enlarge

…I followed him but it was too late Klutzy was gone…Back at HQ I told G everything that had happened and Together we tried to figure this out…click to enlarge…After G and I was done  I went to the Puffle shop just  to make sure…and to my relief everything was fine in there and the Puffles was so happy to see me again :) We played for a while and then I started to waddle home to my igloo…

click to enlargeSuddenly Herbert contacted me AGAIN (what is it with him this days?) What's up? I asked him and he said…click to enlarge  He looked in my eyes and  laughed and before I could answer him he was gone…click to enlarge

…confused I stood there and looked at his trace in the snow…in my ears I could still hear his laugh ringing…It was something special about that laugh…it is hard to explain but it was not a happy or evil laugh…he almost sounded SAD…Ohh Herbert I thought…What kind of plan are you plotting this time?

                                         THE END

Blog Action Day 2008

Today is Blog Action Day 2008-Poverty as many Bloggers as possible will Blog about this Today and here is my contribution :)

Last Year Club Penguin had something called Coins for Change it is all about how we Kids in Club Penguin can help other Kids! I think that is WAY COOL!click to enlarge

We was more than 2.5 million children and we donated over 2 billion virtual coins! TOGETHER WE ARE GREAT! We earning our coins when we playing Games in Club Penguin and we are HAPPY to HELP other Children around our world :)click to enlarge

The Money went to very IMPORTANT  stuff: The environment, children's health or children in developing countries.

Through OUR virtual donations, we KIDS directed how much of a $1 million cash donation went to three charitable organizations.

To read more about this and to see a GREAT video go to:


It was so much FUN to do this :) We do it this YEAR TOO? PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!click to enlarge

See a Video about us HERE

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