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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Club Penguins Anniversary Party in Times Square New York!

This is BIG! Your Penguin can PARTY online in TIMES SQUARE…NEW YORK CITY! COOL! WOW! AWESOME! AND WE ARE ALL INVITED :) click to enlarge 

…This can be the BEST PARTY EVER! Don't miss it…see you there FRIENDS! TOGETHER WE WILL HAVE FUN :) Remember to take Your Puffles with you, Dance, Smile, Laugh and have FUN! WOO HOO!!!click to enlarge 

How to join the Party:Log in and click the “live in New York” tab at the top of your screen. The Date is 24 October 2008. Time 3pm-6pm Eastern Standard Time (That's 12-3pm Penguin Time!)

    Click HERE for more info…

News from Newspaper

Here is some highlights from this weeks paper…                           The anniversary party is EXTENDED! AWESOME! it will go on for three days!click to enlarge

                …Halloween Igloo decorating contest start soon…click to enlarge

Log in at Club Penguin and open the paper…click on the bottom of this page and you will get a fun conversation between G and the Reporter :)click to enlarge

                   …and as usual Tips, Tricks, Games and More…

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