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Saturday, October 18, 2008


I Meet my Friend Rockhopper Today :) HELLO FRIEND! I Have missed you so much WELCOME BACK!

                              DANCE PARTY! WE ROCKS!click to enlarge

                                      I LOVE YOU!click to enlarge

                                  Arr harr har!…LOL                    click to enlarge

    ..When you meet Rockhopper remember to click on him and get his background! If you have the background you are Rockis FRIEND FOREVER :)click to enlarge

 time…RH asked us, Were can you find a clock…?click to enlarge                                            …lets go…click to enlarge

                              Waddle…Waddle…Waddle…click to enlarge

     Come on lets find the clock…and as many Friends as possible :)click to enlargeclick to enlarge


lol…the penguins in town looked so surprised and Happy  when we waddle in there :)click to enlarge

  THE CLOCK! We Found it! We are so SMART all of us TOGETHER!click to enlargeclick to enlarge

You should have seen the surprised face Rockhopper did…Were is the Hockey Rink?click to enlarge

I like the Soccer pit but I miss to slide around at the Hockey Rink can we have BOTH…Please CP please?click to enlarge

                              …On to new adventures…click to enlargeclick to enlarge

click to enlarge

Rockhopper was so kind and he made sure he didn't walk to fast for the toddler Penguins…No penguin was left behind THANKS! I LOVE you for that :)click to enlarge

                                        COVE PARTY!click to enlarge

Rockhopper made up the funniest game he said Puffle and we answered Yarr! It was so much FUN and we laughed and laughed :) I laughed so much that my stomach hurts…LOLclick to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge  THANKS ROCKHOPPER! This was GREAT! See you soon again :)

Click HERE to see Rockhoppers and mine Video click HERE to read about how we made it TOGETHER :)

More Cool Toys

Look! The pic must be Done! If CP don't add a cool background too…I hope they do…I LOVE EVERYTHING! I so have to save money to buy some of this stuff…The Globe in the back is very interesting I think I want one of them and Puffles ALL of them and a Girl Penguin and…LOL…click to enlarge

Click HERE to go to the Picture…

How to get a Invitation to Club Penguin Party in New York

If you live in New York or close by YOU CAN GET A INVITATION…click to enlarge

HERE is the info you need to Receive a Invitation to Party with Club Penguin in New York City :)

click to enlarge

HERE is were you apply…Remember it is NOT all that apply that will get invited so Hurry before the party is FULL…

To read an earlier Blog Post about this click HERE

Wow! This will be FUN and Remember ALL OF US can be there on line TOGETHER! That is AWESOME!

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