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Monday, October 20, 2008

Last Day for Party Invitation to New York

Today is last changes to get a invitation to the New York Party so if you thinking of apply you have to hurry up…Here is the Pic of all the Toys I like them and on Friday we can buy them :)click to enlarge

Click HERE for more info

Ice Fishing

This Game is fun! I like to go and fishing and I like the nice and calm music this game have :) Ohh the best part no real  worms to put on …lol…I am a GIRL what can I say…worms are icky…If you are a member you can go to the sport shop and buy this fishing gear so you can catch the silver fish too…click to enlarge

Both members and non members can play this game :) Go in to the ski loge and go out at the back to the lake…click to enlarge

It is so beautiful out here and it is always someone here fishing…so much fish is needed, we penguins eat a lot… and we put it on our pizza too…by the way if you play a mission make sure you bring a pizza with you to this hungry Friend…click to enlarge

              Today I go for as many silver fish as possible…click to enlarge

…still only grey…the pizza chef will be so happy the grey are often short in supply…click to enlarge

…57 grey fish…EXCELLENT :) That is the most grey you can get…click to enlarge  

…then you take some yellow ones…save one to get Mullet…Oops that is a secret don't tell anyone…lolclick to enlarge

                                  Mullet is BIG and scary…click to enlarge 

                                       …little more…

click to enlarge                                            WOW! I DID IT!click to enlarge

That's it, now I will go to the Pizza Kitchen and help them to prepare all the fish…and I am hungry too…a hot fish pizza…Yummmclick to enlarge

Rockhoppers Quarter

Treasure Hunt is a cool Game I like the way the sand goes away during our digging…If you play really fast the sand is all over the place :)click to enlarge

    Me and my Friend Lil Mika 94 had so much Fun Together and…click to enlarge

                            …WE FOUND THE EMERALD!click to enlarge

                            …we doing a little dance lol…click to enlarge

…Happy Dancing :) We do that after EVERY TIME we have finish a Treasure Hunt Game! We Love to LAUGH and DANCE!click to enlarge

Lil Mika 94 is one of the BEST Treasure Hunter EVER :) Thanks! Lil Mika 94 you are Fantastic!click to enlarge

                     Slushyicy is great at this game too :)click to enlarge

                                              …:)…click to enlarge

                                       HAPPY DANCING!click to enlarge

                        We ALL had so much FUN TOGETHER!click to enlarge

                            …Luckyindubai and I…lolclick to enlarge

Thanks to all Penguin Friends that Played Treasure Hunt with me  :) And Thanks Rockhopper for sharing your Treasures with us :) Now we all are RICH! LOL


I had a Igloo Beach Party :)

click to enlarge click to enlarge
…Brenda112 and I had so much FUN and she is a good new Friend :)

click to enlarge…We took our Puffles out for a walk and had a great time…look at Purple…lolclick to enlarge                Kimkachur900 and Montego63 like to have fun…click to enlargeFlowerguin1 and Montego63 is new Friends too :) and we like to chat together :) lol…Purple still dancing…click to enlarge

Thanks! To all Penguins that come to my Party! You are all great and it was so much FUN! See you soon again :)

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