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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Club Penguins Community

It is MORE in CP than you might know…I like the community part…Don't miss out on that…Have you seen the comics?…or the Featured Igloo?…What's new Blog?…you can send in your own pics to Fan Art :) I LOVE that it is so Fun to look at all the GREAT pictures from our Penguin Friends :) and I like the clock too so I know the Penguin Standard Time…Cool...Penguin Poll and Fun Activities…Wallpapers…Banners…Sometimes I read the Blog Archives…I can be busy here for a while…

click to enlarge

       …My Brother and I sharing a computer what can I say…lol

New Wallpaper

LOL…This is Funny not scary at all… I Like That :)click to enlarge

The New York Event is now Full!

                          Congrats to all that got a ticket :)click to enlarge

       To All other Penguins…WE WILL ROCK THE WORLD ON LINE!

                  This Party will be AWESOME see you there :)


I happen to waddle on a Fun Town Event…We went GREEN :)

click to enlarge

click to enlarge click to enlarge
The environment is so important and it is up to us to do our best…recycling  is GREAT! 2008-10-21 13.55.29 - Copy                      Together we can make the world better :)click to enlarge

                 TOGETHER WE GO GREEN! GREEN! GREEN!click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge       Yellow for Sun and Flowers is GREAT too! It will take ALL of us :)

click to enlarge 
I do recycling of my paper, plastic, metal, batteries, glass and more if I can...any Ideas? Please tell me so I can do better :)click to enlarge

In my Igloo I grow vegetables without pesticide they are GREAT! and nutritious and they taste  so much BETTER! I LOVE them :)click to enlarge 
Right now I working on a special project trying to find new ways to grow food and trees in hard places like desserts…I have a lot of ideas and I like to try them all…:)click to enlarge   …this working Fine…you can grow stuff in air too…Yes it is true and way cool you hanging the plant in air and spray the roots with nutrient…Look at my Puffle Pumpkins they are so cute…lol
click to enlarge    …I need to do some more research before my next test so I will waddle over to The Theatre and out in space…If NASA needs my help tell them I'm busy right now but they can send me a email…lol

On Walt Disney World Epcot you have a attraction called “Living with the Land” If you are there don't miss it…It is WAY COOL and AWESOME!

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