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Friday, October 24, 2008


                  Right NOW you can log in to the PARTY!

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                                 SEE YOU THERE!!!

How to Unlock Items Online

                           Look! Unlock items Online sign :)click to enlargeclick to enlarge         I have already written about this…Click HERE for info :)


It is working! This is GREAT! Now we can buy Toys Online and with the toys we get coins…

 click to enlarge

           …here is the Treasure Book with rare items :) COOL!

click to enlarge 

…I have everything in the book (what can I say I am a old Penguin lol) but I don't have this! Way Cool! I love the MP3 and the Pink hat…lol

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…under unlock Tutorial Announcements you get all info you need to start using Your coins…go HERE to come to Shop Online

Cake Crazy!

THANKS! CLUB PENGUIN! This anniversary cake is FANTASTIC! click to enlargeclick to enlargeHere I help out so more penguins can find the Party Hat…:) If someone don't find the Party Hat I know you are kind and help them too :)click to enlarge

LOL…CAKE ATTACKS PENGUINS!!! I LOVE the way the fan make the cake blow away I think I have looked  at “cake falling down” hundred times now…lol not really but almost :) It is so COOL!click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge

                                    Tree Year Penguin…click to enlarge                                      …taste yummmm… click to enlarge

                              lol…I am covered in cake…click to enlarge

       Cherrylips 13 and Goroosters1 Like cake too We ALL do…click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlarge   …after all this cake I waddle out and meet Adiadi9 she is a fun Penguin Friend :)

click to enlarge

         Now I go back to Coffee Shop and have some more cake…LOL

They Are HERE!

       Time to look at the Toys…Shop Online working…almost lol click to enlarge

click to enlarge                                  No Pixie Dust for now…

                    In some hours this will hopefully work :)

Today is the DAY to PARTY!

We waiting for the Party! Dancing and have FUN! CLUB PENGUIN ROCKS!click to enlarg                    The PARTY is HERE! Come on LETS PARTY!

click to enlarge                           Lets go and take a look…WOW!!!click to enlarge  

                      I got the Party hat :) How?…Click on fan…click to enlarge

                LOL…The Hat…and cake on floor…this is FUN!click to enlarge

                                         Free Item :)

click to enlarge

                               Click on hat and the balls…

                                      Click on Puffle…lolclick to enlarge

       Click on Coffee Shop menu and get CAKE AND ICE CREAM :)click to enlarge

In Book Room I meet my Friends Gfrdsfs, Midna2007 and 99blake it was Fun too meet them again :)click to enlarge A New Year Book is here so many GREAT memories and PARTIES! Scroll over the pages to find secrets in the Book…click to enlarge

I LOVE the Dance Floor Look at the moving Pics we dancing on…AWESOME!click to enlarge

                      In Dance Lounge you find the new PINclick to enlarge

    Rockhopper kept his promise and put a canon here…click on it…click to enlarge                                               …LOL…click to enlarge

I LOVE this Party and it will be so much FUN to Party here TOGETHER  with NEW YORK! LIVE ON LINE :)click to enlarge

           click HERE for more info about LIVE PARTY ON LINE!

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